Learning from Comparing, the construction of performance in health care

Institute of Health Policy and Management

Performance makes the day in current healthcare settings. Governments, supervisors and boards of healthcare organizations are all supposed to ‘steer on outcomes’ and disciplines like performance management are increasingly being promoted. Whereas much is expected from e.g. the use of performance indicators, much is still unknown about the effects of steering on outcomes of care. Where does this drive for performance come from? What consequences does it have for healthcare organizations as well as for the ability of government and supervisors to steer healthcare? In this seminar we aim to bring research experiences in the Netherlands and the UK together and confront them with practical experiences in hospitals and in the Healthcare Inspectorate.

The organisation of this seminar is based on the collaboration with Steve Harrison, Christopher Pollitt and George Dowswell on an ESRC-funded project ‘Performance Indicators in Health Care: A Comparative Anglo-Dutch Project’ (RES-166-25-0051). The specific objectives of the day are:

  • To present experiences and knowledge(s) on the development and use of performance indicators in Health Care;
  • To share and discuss these experiences with experts in the field; and
  • To share and discuss some preliminary findings of the research done so far in the Netherlands and in the UK.

The event is funded as part of the dissemination of the ESRC-funded project.


All presentations are available in pdf by clicking on the respective titles.

Chair: Roland Bal 

Marc Berg (Plexus Medical Group - ESHPM / Erasmus University Medical Centre) "Reflections on Internal and External Performance Indicators" (pdf)
Commentator: Leonore Nicolai (Vlietland Hospital)

Nico van Weert (Atrium MC) "Devotion and Accountibility in the Atrium MC - An Accountable Dialogue with Stake-holders" (pdf)
Commentator: Tom van der Grinten (ESHPM / Erasmus University Medical Centre)

Gwyn Bevan (LSE - London School of Economics) "Reputational Damage as a Driver for Improvement" (pdf)
Commentator: Pauline Meurs (ESHPM / Erasmus University Medical Centre) 

Niek Klazinga (Dep. of Social Medicine / University of Amsterdam / AMC and OECD) “Comparing Quality of Care across OECD Member States - Is Cross National Learning already Possible?” (pdf)
Commentator: Steve Harrison (University of Manchester)

Roland Bal and Sonja Jerak-Zuiderent “Performance Indicators as Investments in Forms – Performing and Configuring Accountabilities” (ESHPM / Erasmus University Medical Centre) (pdf)
Commentator: Jan Haeck (IGZ – Netherlands Health Care Inspectorate)

Christopher Pollitt (University of Leuven) “The Lives of Performance Regimes – Learning from Comparing” (pdf)
Commentator: Wim Schellekens (IGZ – Netherlands Health Care Inspectorate)