HTA & Appraisal

Runtime: 2015 - no end time
Client: This project has received funding from the National Health Care Institute

Project description

The research network HTA & Appraisal aims to improve the work of the National Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland), and to link researchers of ESHPM (HCG, HTA and HE sections), Utrecht University (UIPS), and policy makers of National Health Care Institute. At the HCG section we do so amongst other through different research projects:

Jolien van der Sande writes a thesis on conflicting values in healthcare standardization (supervised by Prof. Antoinette de Bont, PhD. and Bert de Graaff, PhD). Gijs Steinmann writes his thesis on the implementation of Value-based Health Care in the Netherlands (supervised by Dr. Hester van de Bovenkamp, Prof. Antoinette de Bont PhD & Prof. Diana Delnoij). Tineke Vliek writes a thesis of how necessity is operationalized as a criterion to decide on reimbursement.


Prof. Diana Delnoij, Prof. Antoinette de Bont PhD & Prof. Bert Boer Md. PhD, Bert de Graaff, PhD, Jolien van der Sande, MSc, Gijs Steinmann, Msc, Tineke Vliek, Msc