Health Services Management & Organisation (HSMO)

The group Health Services Management & Organisation (HSMO), chaired by prof. J.J. (Joris) van de Klundert PhD is responsible for education and research on innovation and management in health care.

Research of HSMO covers the full width of the health care sector, from hospital care to child welfare. To a large extent, research is carried out in or close to the primary care processes. For example, the research group is closely involved in the evaluation of several disease management programmes and chain of care programmes and in research into care pathways, patient safety and ICT in health care. Furthermore, research topics with regard to management and organisation receive full attention. Some of the main research themes within HSMO are franchising, benchmarking, strategy and marketing, hospital management and human resource management.

Important themes pursued include

  1. optimizing the interrelation between internal corporate strategy and external strategy in terms of quality, efficacy and effectiveness;
  2. design, evaluation and benchmarking of health services operational management, linking sub fields such as logistics, performance management, human resource management and financial management; and
  3. evaluation, reporting and control of health services operational management.