Added value of HKZ certification

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Goal and study question

In the proposed study, the focus is on whether HKZ certification (i.e. certification by the Foundation for the Harmonisation of Accreditation in Health Care) leads to better performance at mental health care institutions. The main question is ‘what is the added value of certification in the quality of care delivered at mental health care institutions?’

  1. Which outcome, process and structure indicators can be used to measure changes in performance due to the certification of mental health care institutions?
  2. Do mental health care institutions with HKZ certification (or those close to obtaining it) perform better on relevant outcome, process and structure indicators than mental health care institutions that are not HKZ-certified?
  3. If so, what are the reasons why certification leads to better performance?


February 2007 – December 2010



  • Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw)


  • Trimbos Institute (Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction)
  • The Dutch Mental Health care Association