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Current facets (Pre-Master)

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Within three years, the Rijnmond Care Portal aims to become the source for finding the right information about care and well-being in the Rijnmond region. The portal is a secure website where members of the public and care providers can safely exchange information and obtain reliable information. In this way, the Rijnmond Care Portal contributes to friendly and efficient care and assistance.

The Institute of Health Policy & Research (ESHPM) is involved in the assessment of the Rijnmond Care Portal. This assessment pertains to the entire project and the various sub-applications. This is a formative assessment, i.e. assessment and development go hand-in-hand and insights from the assessment are continually used to make the care portal better. This type of research is a good fit for the dynamic and complex research environment of the Rijnmond Care Portal. The research is important not only for the care portal itself, but also for broader knowledge (both in the Netherlands and abroad) about the use of care portals as one of many e-health applications.

Doctoral research has been linked to the assessment project, focusing on the following questions:

  1. How does a regional Internet platform integrate with an international standard?
  2. What is gained, and what is lost in the relationship between doctors and patients by introducing electronic patient records and online consultations?
  3. What knowledge is implicitly assumed in the public provision of information about health care and well-being?



  • The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Municipality of Rotterdam


The consortium consists of:

  • Erasmus MC
  • Sint Franciscus Gasthuis hospital
  • RijnmondNet Foundation
  • Star Medical Diagnostic Centre
  • Zorgimpuls
  • Brink&Zorg
  • Intermax
  • The Health Agency
  • Ketting en Partners
  • Leene.txt