Management and organisation of health care delivery

All research in this theme is concerned with management and organisation in health care organisations and networks of health care organisations. Issues of special interest are quality and safety, organisation of health processes, human resource management (HRM), finances and IT. Additionally, research topics include the (further) development of a methodology that aims to connect the methods and techniques used in several fields of study. The main goal is to equip health care organisations with useful insights and instruments to help them perform well in an increasingly complicated environment.

The research in this theme is primarily carried out by the research groups Health Care Governance and Health Services Management & Organisation.

Quality and safety of health care delivery

  • Patient safety in health care, e.g. primary care, mental health care and youth care (De Bont, Zuiderent-Jerak, Robben, Bal)
  • Effectiveness of monitoring the quality of health care (Robben)
  • Evaluation of “Care for Better”, the Dutch programme for long-term care
    improvement (Nieboer, Strating, Zuiderent-Jerak, Stoopendaal, Bal)
  • Evaluation of a large-scale quality improvement programme for the transition
    to adult care of young people with chronic conditions (Nieboer, Strating, Van Staa)
  • Geriatric Network Rotterdam and surroundings (GENERO), the prevention and reactivation care programme (Koopmanschap, Mackenbach, Nieboer, Van Wijngaarden)
  • Disease management: evaluation of programmes for COPD, neuropathic pain and 22 ZonMw practice projects (Cramm, Lemmens, Nieboer, Rutten-van Mölken, Huisman, Bal)
  • Quality and safety in European hospitals (Quaser) project (Bal, Weggelaar, Quartz)
  • Governing quality and safety in health care organisations (Bal, Øvretveit, Putters)
  • Evaluation of breakthrough projects on collaborative thrombolytic care in acute stroke (PRACTISE) (Huijsman, Niesen, Van Wijngaarden)
  • Time Out Procedure (Dekkers- Van Doorn, Huijsman, Klein, Van Wijngaarden)

Processes of health care delivery

  • Operations management and demand-based approaches to health care outcomes and cost-benefits research (Elkhuizen, Van de Klundert, Vissers)
  • Care pathways and logistics control; projects in the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, treatment pathways in the Dutch Mental Health Care (GGZ), Jeroen Bosch Hospital and Catharina Hospital Eindhoven (Vissers, De Vries)
  • Efficiency improvement in the operating room by reducing variability (Vissers, De Vries, Stepaniak, Tweesteden Hospital)
  • Integrated bed- and staff-planning on different control levels (Vissers, De Vries, Berrevoets, UMC Radboud)
  • Integrated delivery systems in the care for the elderly (Fabbricotti, Huijsman, Meurs, Putters)
  • The organisation of integrated primary care (De Bont)
  • Integrated care in local networks; relationships between health care management, local government and the creation of new alliances and arrangements in delivering integrated care (Grit, Putters, Stoopendaal)
  • Improving the delivery of palliative care (Van de Klundert, Van Wijngaarden)

Human Resource Management

  • Evaluation of the introduction of an outcome-based curriculum for training of medical specialists (De Bont, Meurs)
  • Interventions to improve team effectiveness (Klein, Van Wijngaarden)
  • HRM and team performance in health care (Buljac, Paauwe, Veld, Van Wijngaarden)
  • Service care chain (Van Dijk, Paauwe)

Financial management in health care delivery

  • Measuring the potential of innovations and entrepreneurial opportunities (Van Ineveld, Klein, Van de Klundert)
  • Health care purchasing (Van Ineveld, Van de Klundert)

Information and communication technology

  • Use of information technology in health care work; effects of the implementation of IT in health care work on professional relations within and between health care providers, and effects of IT on the flow of health care work and the quality and safety of health care (De Mul, Aarts, Bal, De Bont)
  • Health information technology and medication safety (Aarts, Bal)
  • Building and effects of care portals (Adams, Bal, De Mul)
  • Patients and the Internet: blogging, crowdsourcing and the development of mobile health (Adams)
  • Use of digital outdoor clinics and new information technologies in empowering patients and improving the cost-effectiveness of health care practices (MijnZorgNet) (Adams, Putters)
  • Reliability of information on the Internet; use of medical information from the Internet and reliability of health care information on-line that is practically managed both by patients and by (non) governmental initiatives (Adams, Bal, De Bont)

Methodology of management and organisation science in health care

  • Evaluating complex interventions in health care (Bal, Nieboer)
  • Evaluating hospital performance during the Dutch care system reforms (Van Ineveld, Van de Klundert, Van Oostrum, Steenhoek)
  • Understanding organisational development of hospitals (Muijsers, Scholten, Van de Klundert)