Quality and efficiency in health care

Research within this theme focuses mainly on the quality, the relative effectiveness and the efficiency of health care and health technologies. Primary objectives are quality assessment and evaluation of cost-effectiveness of health care interventions. Research outcomes provide useful insights that contribute to establish well-founded and more patientoriented quality policy and more efficient package control. Furthermore, our research provides health insurers, health care organisations, care providers and patients with important information to support choice behaviour in the health care sector.

The research in this theme is primarily carried out by the research groups Health Care Governance, Health Services Management & Organisation, Health Economics-iMTA, Law & Health Care and Social-Medical Sciences.

Methodology and application of economic evaluation

  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of health care programmes (Al, Brouwer,
    Hakkaart, Koopmanschap, Poleij, Redekop, Rutten, Rutten-van Mölken, Severens, Stolk, Uyl-de Groot, Van Baal)
  • Utility measurement in economic evaluation of health care; studies investigating the elicitation of quality of life weights and development and validation of other utility-based outcome measures (Attema, Bleichrodt, Brouwer, Stolk, Van Exel)
  • Costing in economic evaluation of health care (Brouwer, Hakkaart, Koopmanschap, Severens, Tan, Van Baal)
  • Equity in economic evaluations; the elicitation and use of equity weights in economic evaluations from a societal perspective (Brouwer, Bleichrodt, Rutten, Stolk, Van Exel)
  • The role and use of value of information analysis (Al, Rutten-van Mölken, Severens)
  • Technology assessment reviews (Al, Severens)
  • The monetary value of health (Brouwer, Rutten, Van Exel)

Basic health care package and guidelines

  • Pharmaceutical policy: how can value-based reimbursement systems be best organised and how can implementation of resulting decisions be promoted? (De Bont, Koopmanschap, Rutten, Bal)
  • Incorporating economic evidence in practice guidelines (Brouwer, Buijsen, Hakkaart, Rutten, Rutten-van Mölken, Uyl-de Groot)
  • The role and construction of safety norms and guidelines for health care delivery (Bal, Zuiderent-Jerak)
  • The inclusion of diversity in guidelines: how do guideline developers in care for older adults accommodate diversity and variation in guidelines? (Zuiderent-Jerak)
  • Diversity in guidelines: what is the problem? (Zuiderent-Jerak, Van de Bovenkamp, Hakkaart, Brouwer, Swan, Bal)
  • Linking economic evaluations and health policy – delineation of the basic benefits package (Brouwer, Koopmanschap, Redekop, Rijnsburger, Stolk, Van Baal)
  • Outcomes research: (cost-)effectiveness of (medical) technologies in daily practice
  • Studies on the cost-effectiveness of health technologies (emphasis on
    expensive hospital drugs) in actual practice (Rutten, Uyl-de Groot)
  • Studies into differences in health, health care use and accessibility between native Dutch and ethnic minority patients; cross-cultural validity of measurement instruments to assess health status (Agyemang, Denktas, Foets)
  • Informal care: Studying informal care, its impact on carers and care
    recipients (Brouwer, Koopmanschap, Van Exel)
  • The role of databases in decision-making on the health care package (De Bont, Bal)
  • Studying the cost-effectiveness of complex interventions and disease management (Rutten-van Mölken)

Health and income

  • Economic studies in developing countries; Cost-effectiveness studies, burden-of- illness studies, and health insurance in developing countries (Dror, Rutten, Uyl-de Groot, Van de Poel, Van Doorslaer)
  • Equity in the financing and delivery of health care in developing countries (Van Doorslaer, O’Donnell, Van de Poel)
  • Income, health and work across the life cycle; trends in income and health inequality in Europe (Van Doorslaer, Van Ourti)
  • Economics of health behaviour and public health (Brouwer, Van Exel)
  • Migrant and Ethnic Health Observatory (MEHO) (Foets, Koopmans)
  • Health, labour and productivity (Hakkaart, Koopmanschap, Lötters, Severens)