Travelling to Rotterdam

Free pick up at ‘Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’

At the beginning of every semester Erasmus University organises a free pick-up service at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for our international students. If you would like to use this service, you should register online: If you'd prefer to travel to Rotterdam yourself, you will find usefull information described below.

From ‘Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’ to Rotterdam

From 'Amsterdam Schiphol Airport' trains leave every hour to 'Rotterdam Centraal station’, 7 days a week. It is best to take the so-called 'intercity' trains in the direction of ‘Rotterdam Centraal’; these will take you directly to Rotterdam Centraal Station. You buy train tickets at the ticket offices in the main hall of Schiphol Airport. Or through the NS ticket machines. You can pay by cash (coins only at the NS ticket machines), credit card or debit card. A one way ticket to Rotterdam Centraal with 'regular' trains costs € 12,20. Students traveling to Rotterdam Centraal with 'Intercity Direct' trains will pay an additional fee on top of the regular train ticket.

For more information and for a train planner, you may visit the English web site of the Netherlands Railways (NS): You fill out “Schiphol” at ‘From station' and “Rotterdam Centraal” at ‘To station’.

From Rotterdam Centraal Station to your dorm

At Rotterdam Centraal Station you can get information about public transportation at the ‘RET Information Desk’ (main hall). Be aware that the RET Information Desk may be closed at night, so make sure you check your travel information before your departure to the Netherlands. For a door-to-door journey planner and travel information please go to the following website: The website is in English and will provide door-to-door information about public transportation, as well as maps of the locations.

From Rotterdam Centraal Station to Erasmus University

From Rotterdam Centraal Station tramline 7 in the direction of ‘Woudestein’ will take you directly to the campus site of Erasmus University (you will get off at the last stop called 'Woudestein'). From there you will walk straight onto the campus site. You will find maps of the campus on the campus site itself. Tramline 21 in the direction of ‘De Esch’ will also take you to Erasmus University; you will get off at the stop called ‘Woudestein’. From there it is only a few minutes to the university campus.

Means of payment for public transport system

In the Netherlands the ‘OV-chipcard’ is the means of payment for the public transport system. The card is the size of a bank card and contains an invisible chip. The OV-chipcard can be loaded with credit in Euros with which you can travel anywhere within Rotterdam and the Netherlands. At Rotterdam Centraal Station you can get information about the OV-chipcard and public transportation in Rotterdam at the ‘RET Information Desk’ in the main hall of the station. At this desk you can also buy an OV-chipcard and load your OV-chipcard with credit (Euros only). Be aware that the RET Information Desk may be closed at night. Detailed information about the OV-chipcard can be found on


Taxis stand at the back or front side of the train station. Most taxi drivers accept credit cards, but you should make inquiries before getting into the taxi.