Law and Economics

PhD Defences

  • 11-12-2017 | Giulia Barbanente

    The relation between large-scale land acquisitions and rural households: evidence from Ethiopia and Tanzania

  • 11-12-2017 | Ahmed Arif

    Deciphering Securitisation and Covered Bonds Economic Analysis and Regulations

  • 30-11-2017 | Etleva Gjonca

    European Competition Policy and Financial Services: Rules and Empirical Insights

  • 30-11-2017 | Marco Baudino

    Urbanisation and Growth: A Law and Economics analysis of migration patterns in the People’s Republic of China

  • 29-09-2017 | Bo Yuan

    Foreign-Related Commercial Dispute Resolution in China: A focus on litigation and arbitration

  • 08-06-2017 | Miriam Buiten

    Harmonisation and the EU Internal Market: A Law and Economics Approach

  • 20-04-2017 | Michael Severein

    Alles is gedaan om het recht te vinden – Bijzondere rechtspleging in Leeuwarden 1944 – 1949.

  • 31-03-2017 | Maximilian Kerk

    A Law and Economics Analysis of Meta-Organizations.

  • 30-03-2017 | Min Lin

    Law and Economics of Security Interests in Intellectual Property

  • 02-03-2017 | Enmanuel Cedeno Brea

    The Legal Structure of Commercial Banks and Financial Regulation - Does organizational form matter for the design of bank regulation?