MyFuture in your second & third year (bachelor)

As a second- or third-year bachelor student, you are cordially invited to participate in the MyFuture program. There are various activities that you can participate in.

In addition to the regular program, MyFuture also organises special events for students in their second and third bachelor year a. For example, information on a minor/exchange for second-year bachelor students. For third-year bachelor students, we also make it possible to participate in special activities for master students to prepare you for the labour market.

In the unlikely event that you do not complete the bachelor in three years, we will help you at MyFuture to turn your extra bachelor year into a year in which you achieve both your final courses and gain new knowledge and experiences.

Join us! Put together your MyFuture menu and register now for our activities!

MyFuture in your second & third bachelor year

  • "Live your best life."

    It seems easier said than done. The XII Waves-Young Guns program is the perfect remedy for a busy and stressful (student) life. Time for yourself and your own goals and ambitions. This program covers theory, but you also get many practical tips and tricks to achieve your goals for your studies, career and life.

    Within this programme, you follow a total of six masterclasses, which are spread over three educational blocks (Dec 2019-Mar 2020). Each master class has its theme, and after the six masterclasses, there are two follow-up sessions. XII Waves-Young Guns offers you a lot of personal guidance, and you go through all the steps with the same group of fellow students. You help and learn from each other. 

    Young Guns is accessible, humorous, directly applicable and above all, practical.

    Group 2 & 3 follows masterclasses from 13.00h to 16.00h on:

    • Wednesday, 11 December 2019;
    • Wednesday, 15 January 2020;
    • Wednesday, 22 January 2020;
    • Wednesday, 12 February 2020;
    • Wednesday, 4 March 2020;
    • Wednesday, 25 March 2029;
    • Wednesday, 22 April (Follow-up session).