MyFuture in your master

Working on... a dream.

Your final academic year starts, and after that, you will receive your master's degree. Get the best out of your master's degree and prepare as well as possible for the approaching labour market.

Join us! Put together your MyFuture menu and register now for our activities!

Follow at least four workshops within one module and qualify for the MyFuture certificate. With this certificate, you can show your (future) employer that you have worked on your skills during your studies. That way, you will be one step ahead of your fellow applicants!

Create your own Future.

MyFuture in your LL.M. Programme

  • In two months and five different workshops, we take you through the basics of personal leadership, and we give you useful tools to get the best out of your master. Learn to make your own choices, spend your time and attention effectively, get to know yourself better and learn to keep up in a changing society.

    Note: if you are unable to attend until 11:15 due to educational activities, it is possible to leave the workshops earlier. Any missed information will be sent to you by e-mail.

    • A busy agenda, 138 to-do's, 23 requests, 42 appointments, and going out with friends tonight. Sometimes it feels like 24 hours a day is not enough. Manage yourself. Manage your agenda. It is possible!

      In this workshop, you learn to set better goals, to plan and to have clear priorities. You will also receive tips for effectively managing your agenda. Then you can apply your acquired knowledge onto your activities, and you may even have time left!

    • As a professional, you need to be able to guide and inspire people. It does not matter whether you have a formally managerial position because informal leadership is just as important. In this workshop, you will learn how you can shape and strengthen your role. You learn what your effect is on others, how you get others moving, and how you can make better use of your powers.

    • Stress... who doesn't know the feeling? !! Stress is the number one occupational disease in the Netherlands. A little stress can help you perform optimally. But nowadays, stress is increasingly hurting students.

      In this workshop, you will discover how you can effectively tackle stress and how you can control your stress level.

    • In your future work, you are expected to be able to cope with pressure and setbacks, but you will also have to deal with this during your studies and in your daily life. In this workshop, you learn to become resilient together with a sparring partner and how you can break through your blockades. Learn how to deal with setbacks in the right way. We mean that quite literally.

      Please note: for this workshop, we advise you to wear comfortable clothing.

    • Feedback is essential if you work together with others. You sometimes have to tell others that their work is done well or could be improved. But the way you do so can affect the (work) relationship.

      In this workshop, you learn how you can confront someone on their attitude and behaviour, but at the same time, strengthen your relationship. You learn to give and receive positive and negative feedback pleasantly and effectively.

  • Profiling yourself is of great importance on the labour market of today and tomorrow. You get to know yourself in this module. Your personality, the language that your body speaks, your digital footprint, your powers. Your potential.

    This module zooms in on different ways in which you can profile yourself, and you learn skills that will help you make a good impression. This also discusses your digital footprint, your online identity, and how you can adequately shape it. After following this module, you enter the job market with a clear picture of yourself. Your personal profile!

    Note: if you are unable to attend until 11:15 due to educational activities, it is possible to leave the workshops earlier. Any missed information will be sent to you by email.

    • How well do you know yourself? What moves you, and what does your ideal work environment look like? You are, of course, looking for the job that suits you and your working style.

      In this workshop, you will get to know your personality even better with the help of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). There are no right or wrong answers to the questions: it is about your preferences. Your answers determine the four characteristics of your personality type. In this workshop, we go further than just the test and determining your personality type. You get clarity about your personality, your preferences and your ideal environment.

    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn. It doesn't stop. Google yourself, and you will be shocked: the internet knows everything about you and this information is more accessible than you think. Everyone must be aware of their digital image.

      In this workshop, you view your digital status quo and learn how you can make this futureproof. Take back control of your digital image!

    • You only make a first impression once! Then let it be a good one right away. A hand gesture, your posture or a raised eyebrow strengthen or weaken the message that you convey with words. You often send more information with non-verbal signals than with words. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of your non-verbal communication!

      In this workshop, you learn how you come across and how you can improve your non-verbal communication. At the same time, you learn to recognise, analyse and respond to the non-verbal signals from others.

    • Pitch your way to the top!

      You must be able to "sell" yourself during a job interview. You must have your pitch ready at any time of the day. To do this, you must know who you are, what your talents are, and what your potential is. In this workshop, you discover what your abilities are and how you can best present them to others. Pitching well is essential to winning your coveted job!

    • Finding a job is one thing: getting a fair contract is something else. How much can you ask for? What can you expect? How do you tackle a conversation about your contract?

      In this workshop, you will learn about the process of negotiating an employment contract. You can apply this directly to your next contract negotiation, but that is not the only thing. You can also use your new negotiation skills directly in your daily life. Communication is key.

  • When: May 2020 (TBA)

    The OurFuture event is entirely devoted to your step into the labour market in the future. Your Next Step.

    We'll guide you in a short talk through the challenges of tomorrow. After taking a professional profile picture, you can follow two different workshops — for example, practice in making an assessment. The choice is yours!

    After the workshops, MyFuture organises a job application market together with the disputes of the Legal Faculty Association Rotterdam. Here you can have your resume, and LinkedIn profile checked, you can get etiquette and clothing advice, and you come into contact with some alumni of Erasmus School of Law. No better person to ask for help than someone who has done it before you!

    At the end of the evening, you are fully prepared for your move to the labour market. Then you are futureproofed!

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