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Exchange Students

Lucas Chrencik - University of Baltimore

As an exchange student at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, I spent the last four months in the Netherlands.  The experience was absolutely wonderful and I have returned to the United States both a better student and a more mature person.  The experience was an excellent one for many reasons.

First, Holland is an excellent place to go for someone who speaks only English. It seemed as if the entire country was fluent in English, which enabled me to get around quite easily. Rotterdam was also a wonderful place in which to spend a semester.

The Dutch custom of bike riding was a wonderful tradition to take part in.  I rode by bicycle to school everyday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Rotterdam is especially well planned for bike riders and this was much appreciated by someone, like me, who was not that experienced riding bikes in an urban environment.  

The position of Holland, and Rotterdam more specifically, made it a great place to spend a semester for those who wanted to see much of Europe.  While also getting to see much of the Netherlands, we were also able to see many places in Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg as well.

Additionally, being able to take classes in English helped me better my understanding of European legal systems without being too lost in a foreign language.  The classes in which I was enrolled were very interesting and were taught by very qualified professors.  They were very knowledgeable and really helped me understand a legal system that I did not have much experience with.  The most interesting class I took was Comparative Constitutional Law which gave an new understanding of how many governments in Europe are structured.  The entire experience was one that I will look back at with great appreciation throughout my life.

Christine Carey - University of Baltimore

Erasmus University’s courses exposed me to various legal and political systems within Europe and now I can intelligently participate in conversations about the differences between the United States and Europe. For example, I was most surprised by how differently European states approach the right to the freedom of expression and how it can much more easily be restricted than in the United States. Comparative Constitutional law was by far the best course for me, having been trained in American law. Holland's location was ideal for taking weekend trips. Although I choose to visit mainly France and Germany the possibilities are endless, especially with a Eurrail pass.  Getting around Holland is the easiest because everyone's English is so good that I never felt uncomfortable to speak to people. Overall, I enjoyed learning about Dutch culture from a historical and legal perspective.

Jimena Janeiro - Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico

Deciding to study abroad is quite a hard decision when you are looking for something unique. It is difficult to find an option that provides an exchange experience that is exceptional in every area, but Erasmus School of Law meets every expectation. Rotterdam is an eclectic and beautiful city that offers a one of a kind architecture and the feeling of living in a multicultural city; besides, its geographical location is excellent, within the Netherlands and within Europe. Its citizens are very welcoming and kind so you never get the feeling of being a foreigner. The university is outstanding. The quality of the education that Erasmus School of Law provides is excellent. The professors are experts in their areas; the courses are complete, containing both, theoretical and practical elements.  The diversity of students found in the classrooms enhances a worldwide approach. The whole system is challenging as a student and requires an active attitude towards the studies.  Furthermore, studying in Erasmus School of Law is highly appreciated and represents a valuable feature in a lawyer’s curriculum. The combination of all the elements surrounding Erasmus University offers a life-changing experience. Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam is, as a whole, unique.