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All these (former) students are willing to share their experiences with prospective students.
If you would like to contact one of these students, please contact development@law.eur.nl and include the name and country of the student you wish to speak and we will provide you with his/her mail address

  • Zoya Gyurova, Bulgaria

    "Thinking about the past year I realized that my participation at the LL.M. Commercial & Company Law was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Master program has broadened my horizons since it was full of new challenges you have to deal with all the time. What I liked the most was the practical aspect of this study. I was involved in many workshops and case studies in companies and law firms which gave me the opportunity to see how legal processes have been applied in practice. Along with studying I met amazing people with whom I spent the best days (and nights) in my life and I definitely recommend this experience to you!”

  • Sophia Ugwu

    "Today, I make bold to say that studying at Erasmus school of Law was the best choice ever made in my career. The enormous benefits keep unfolding by the day. 

    As part of our study, we had many company visits, workshops and excursions. The most spectacular was our study trip to the United Nations office in Geneva. The office I was only privileged to view on television in my country.  It is significant and heartwarming to note that two months after my studies, I had the privilege of representing an organization in an international conference at the same United Nations office at Geneva. The remarkable transition is that I grew from watching the UN on television to visiting the UN on a study trip. And from visiting the UN on a study trip to seating in an international conference where I had to participate in academic discussions that will benefit humanity. Erasmus school of law is an academic comfort zone adorned with phenomenal professors. A combination of these two factors makes the sky the stepping stone and not the limit of any zealous student."

  • Wisnu Wardhana, Indonesia

    "The LL.M. Commercial & Company Law is undoubtedly the best program a law student can have. The courses have given me a much better understanding of the principles and application of commercial and company law, both in the EU and worldwide context. From great lecturers to fellow students with diverse backgrounds, this program offers an excellent experience of study in the heart of the Netherlands."

  • Mina Krzisnik, Slovenia

    "Taking this master programme (LL.M. in commercial and company law) was one of the best decisions in my life. In this year I have deepened the knowledge in the field that interests me the most, I met amazing people and gained some valuable experience. I decided for this programme due to a variety of courses, that were all very interesting and will be useful for me in my future career. The courses were accompanied by workshops in law firms, customs, banks, which is a huge plus of this master programme. I would definitely make the same decision again."

  • Juan Sanchez , Spain

    "The LL.M. in Commercial Law is an excellent opportunity to grow as a legal professional. The courses are very interesting and the approach is above all practical. Rotterdam, with the largest port of Europe provides an ideal study environment.

    One of my LL.M. highlights was my participation in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. This experience was amazing. I met students from all around the world.  I would strongly recommend the LL.M. in Commercial Law!"

  • Kaikai Yuan, China

    "My name is Kaikai Yuan, a Chinese who studied Commercial and Company law in Erasmus School of Law. It is very interesting to experience a different way of thinking, teaching and living which is opposite to the Chinese style and I am so glad that I have made friends with those from all over the world. Additionally, the university also provides us rich opportunities to keep in touch with companies and organizations out of the campus through workshops, study trips. All in all, the Netherlands is a very beautiful country. Here I meet warm-hearted citizens who are willing to help others and embrace various opinions, and enjoy the colourful life with blooming tulips and mixed culture."

  • Tariq Moh'd Zeyad Ibrahim Idais, Palestine

    "My experience at Erasmus University was great because of the international atmosphere. It was really a blessing to be a part of the Erasmus University family. I have really benefited from the knowledge I acquired in most areas of commercial laws. The standards are above par and it is an ideal university for everyone."

  • Gaby Nurmatami, Indonesia

    "It's such a pleasure and an honour to have the opportunity to pursue a master degree in the LL.M Commercial and Company law program. The courses offered are interesting and teach by professional lecturers. The visit to various prominent companies and law firms are one of the many highlights I have during my study here. In addition, I have so many friends from different countries that I never thought I would have before. Overall, my study in Erasmus University Rotterdam has been a marvellous experience!"

  • He Xuan, China

    "My experience told me, studying in Erasmus is a wonderful academic exploration. Be prepared to set sail from the port of knowledge! In addition to the study, you will also meet friends with different backgrounds from all around the world to enjoy lots of fun activities here! Erasmus University is “Enjoy your life in RotterdAm, Study hard on your Master, and yoU will be Successful”! I came here, why don’t you?

  • Jurate Cizauskaite, Lithuania

    "Looking back, I am confident this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having completed a master's degree before, I was able to compare the quality of two different programs. I was impressed by the variety of subjects provided and by their practical approach. The lectures were given not only by highly competent professors, but also by practising experts in the field. Being an active person, I appreciated the extracurricular activities provided. I was able to represent the university in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot which became the highlight of my experience in ESL. The studying pace and load of this programme is high and will keep you challenged throughout the whole study year. I give a lot of credit to ESL for the professional success I had after graduating and would not hesitate to recommend it!"

  • Florence Colpaert, Belgium

    “After a year studying at Erasmus University, I look back and I still cannot believe that time flew so fast. I found in Rotterdam everything that I was looking for, and even more. The programme of the LL.M in Commercial Law is a complete programme with an interdisciplinary approach. Some teachers are academics, some are lawyers and it is greatly interesting to combine both the theory and the practical approach. High quality teaching is combined with a friendly environment: the teachers are open to discussion, and the students are expected to take actively part in the lectures.

    The staff and the teachers are really supportive and always eager to help. Moreover, it has been a wonderful experience for me, to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. We are planning on visiting each other in our respective countries; I have now friends everywhere in the world! I learned a lot and it really opened my mind to the world. Furthermore, as Rotterdam is located in the centre of Europe, we have had lots of opportunities to travel around Europe with my classmates, either on study trips organised by the University, or by ourselves. We have so many wonderful memories! I will never forget this amazing year that I spent in Rotterdam, and I would recommend it to everybody”