All these (former) students are willing to share their experiences with prospective students. 
If you would like to contact one of these students, please contact and include the name and country of the student you wish to speak and we will provide you with his/her mail address.

  • Kuba Pawłowicz, Poland

    "Studying at Erasmus School of Law was quite a rewarding experience. The International and European Public Law Master combined all aspects of a demanding LL.M. programme - an intellectually stimulating curriculum, supportive staff and challenging academic tasks. Reading for a postgraduate degree at ESL gave me a proper overview of aspects of International and European Law that were of my particular interest and helped me develop my research and mooting skills, what made me both more analytical and critical. Proximity of the Peace Palace Library made my research a great experience, which later served as a basis for my Master thesis. On the final note, discussions during the lectures and seminars developed my awareness of current legal challenges for international law and of obstacles in the European integration. Besides, studying in Rotterdam gave me a chance to meet people from all over the world as well as make good friends."

  • Tanya Georgiievska, Ukraine

    “From the first days of orientation to my final farewells with friends and faculty, my experience at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam was nothing short of spectacular. The university, which sits within the wonderful city, provides ample access to academic and social development. The LL.M. students naturally become a close-knit group, both with themselves and with the university professors. The quality of teaching, and student support both surpassed my expectations. For those in search of a rigorous, and ultimately rewarding, experience – I would wholeheartedly recommend Erasmus. From a rich choice of on-campus activities, to academic opportunities, to social gatherings, there is hardly a dull moment. Outside of the university, I enjoyed the dynamic Dutch culture, as well as opportunities to travel within and outside of the country.”

  • Redu Trifu, Romania

    "Studying at Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam has been an extraordinary life experience.

    During my studies in the field of International and European Public Law I have had the pleasure to be part of a young group of intellectual people, diverse in culture and perspectives both in the field of law as well as in other areas and as a result I have honestly grew as an individual and I strongly believe that this experience has better prepared me for a professional legal career."

  • Anna Sting, Germany

    "Taught in Rotterdam, close to The Hague and Brussels, International and European law comes to life for the students, culminating in an annual study trip to international and European institutions at the end of the year. The students automatically become a close group and while the LL.M. is lots of work, Rotterdam offers you every opportunity to enjoy your social life, too!"

  • Sarah Reitema, Germany

    "Without doubt, this master is of a very high quality, in all its aspects. The education provided was excellent. Moreover, the lecturers showed great teaching skills in the way they challenged and motivated their students. Although it is a master in law, students are often challenged to think beyond law. Issues such as globalization, international politics, and legitimacy are regularly touched upon. Furthermore, from the start, the students had to do a lot of research and writing. Consequently, my research and writing skills have improved significantly over the past year. Overall, participating in this master has been a wonderful, challenging and motivating learning experience, and I certainly recommend it to others!"