Health & Liability Insurance

Health & Liability Insurance

All students should have health and liability insurance during their stay in the Netherlands. The Erasmus University is not liable for medical or legal expenses of students.
For more information please contact the international office.

If you come from a visa required country we will apply for your visa under the condition that you have arranged insurance.

Liability insurance

Please ensure that you are properly insured during your time in the Netherlands. Third-party liability insurance is absolutely essential, and if you will be living in student accommodation it is also a good idea to have fire and furnishings insurance. You should also make sure that you are properly insured for medical expenses.

Erasmus University Rotterdam strongly recommends an AON or IPS Insurance. Both companies have a long and outstanding history in the field of medical insurances for foreign students.

AON Insurance

AON Students Insurance provides a complete and affordable insurance package for students, interns, teachers and researchers staying in The Netherlands. The package includes all necessary - and mandatory - insurances required for an educational related stay in the Netherlands, such as medical expenses, travel, liability, legal assistance and personal possessions. The insurance premium is calculated per day, there are no set-up costs, administrative fees or any other charges.

Visit the website:

IPS Insurance

IPS, the insurance Passport for Students, is specially developed for students, researchers and teachers to study or work world-wide. The IPS travel insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of exchange programmes, work experience and educational trips. IPS offers the complete cross border insurance policy for your stay all over the world. They operate internationally and are part of the Unirobe Meeùs Groep (UMG), which is fully owned by AEGON. Application forms are also available at the Erasmus Student Service Centre at the Erasmus University Woudestein campus.

Visit the website.

Health care Insurance

All Dutch citizens are obliged by law to have basic insurance for medical expenses. International students are not automatically insured for medical assistance in the Netherlands. Before you come to the Netherlands, you need to make sure that you are properly insured against the costs of medical services.

There are three health care insurance possibilities:

a) Dutch public health care insurance

In certain circumstances, for instance if you take a part-time job or do a paid internship, you are obliged to have Dutch public health care insurance. Check this factsheet to find out whether the Dutch public health care insurance law applies to you.

b) Insurance in your home country that covers your stay in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has health insurance treaties with a number of countries, including most other European countries. If you’re insured under the national health insurance scheme of one of those countries, your insurance company can provide you with either an international declaration form or a European Health Insurance Card. Make sure that you bring this with you to the Netherlands, as you will need it if you see a doctor here.

c) A new or special insurance policy for your stay in the Netherlands

If your insurance in your home country doesn’t cover your stay in the Netherlands, and you can’t make use of an international treaty as described above, you will have to take out private insurance.

Erasmus University Rotterdam strongly recommends AON or IPS insurance. Both companies have a long and excellent history in the field of health care insurance for international students. Both companies also offer package deals, which cover other things like liability insurance and legal assistance.

Please note that if you take a job in the evenings or weekends, even if it’s for just one hour a week, you need to have the basic Dutch public health care insurance. See the Study in Holland website for the most up-to-date information about health care insurance.

NB: If you are obliged to take out a Dutch public health care insurance (in Dutch: zorgverzekering) it is likely that you are eligible for compensation for your insurance costs. This compensation is called health care allowance. If you do not participate in the public health care insurance scheme (but you are insured via an independent policy with an insurer such as AON or Lippmann) you will not be eligible for health care allowance.