Arbitration and Business Law

This Post-Graduate programme enables you to resolve business disputes through arbitration

In a growing number of countries, arbitration is the prevailing standard in business dispute settlement. This is for example the case for the markets in China, South-America, Africa and Indonesia. Because of the globalization and related growth of international trade the number of international arbitration cases is rapidly increasing.

What aspects does the programme cover?

The one year intensive Post-Graduate LL.M. is aimed at recently graduated lawyers and junior practitioners in its main markets who over the years have proven to be very interested in the fields of arbitration and business law. It's the only programme on Arbitration offered in The Netherlands.

Each year talented international young professionals from all around the world enroll in this programme. Due to the small class size there is a lot of interaction among students and staff in to discuss cases and experiences in different countries.

Does the programme have a special focus?

The Post-Graduate LL.M. program Arbitration and Business Law consists of some core business law courses:

  • Conflicts of Law and International Litigation
  • International Business Law

combined with three specialized business law courses:

  • Contract Drafting
  • International Corporate Law
  • Carriage of Goods

and three courses specifically focussed on arbitration:

  • Fundamentals of Arbitration Law
  • International and Comparative Arbitration Law
  • Arbitration Skills or Willem C. Vis Arbitration Moot

How is the study programme structured?

The study programme is divided over five blocks. Each block is composed of two courses. During the last block you follow a course in International Business Law and write your dissertation (10 ECTS).