ESL/EUR Partial Tuition Waiver

Internal Funding - Erasmus School of Law/EUR partial tuition waivers

Prospective Master students from non-EU/EEA countries with highly qualified legal skills are eligible for an ESL/EUR partial tuition waiver of about 80% of the tuition fee. Resulting in a tuition fee equal to the statutory fee. Current or prospective students who are awarded this waiver will therefore not themselves directly receive a sum of money.

The waiver will be awarded for one year and can be used for the English taught LL.M. programmes offered by Erasmus School of Law, with the exception of the joint Master in Law and Economics.

The joint Master in Law and Economics has its own waiver programme and is not part of our partial tuition waiver programme.

For the LL.M. programme in International and European European Law, 1 waiver is available.
For the LL.M. programme in Commercial Law, 3 waivers are available: one for the specialisation in Commercial and Company Law, one for the specialisation in Maritime and Transport Law and one for the specialisation in International Trade Law. Requests for waivers can be sent to the LL.M. Office.

In order to qualify for this waiver students need to prove their excellent academic legal skills by the grades obtained during their Bachelor of Law. Excellence for prospective students is proven if the average grade for the Bachelor courses completed so far is at least 8.0/10 (or equivalent).

In addition to their excellent academic legal skills, prospective students need to write a motivation letter in which they indicate why they would like to study at Erasmus School of Law and in which programme they are interested. The students applying for this waiver need to outline as well what their plans are after completing the LL.M. (intended career path).


Every application can be submitted by email to the LL.M. office and need to include the following documents:

  • (provisional) Admission letter;
  • Motivation letter (including intended career path);
  • Curriculum Vitea;
  • Official grade list of your Bachelor of Law. If you have not yet finished your Bachelor of Law please provide a  an official overview of the results achieved so far. 
  • Description of financial position including a bank statement (that shows an amount sufficient for the living costs during your studies of 12 x € 900,-) and an indication of the maximum amount that can be contributed by the prospective student and/or external sponsors

The application deadline for Erasmus School of Law partial tuition waivers is 1 May preceding the relevant academic year. The applicant will be informed at the latest on 21 May preceding the relevant academic year.

The award of the scholarships will be done by the programme leaders of the LL.M programmes in International and European Law and Commercial Law. If the scholarship is awarded to the student, the student must send a written confirmation letter stating that he/she will use this scholarship. This confirmation letter must be signed by the student.

Only complete waiver applications will be reviewed. The application deadline for Erasmus School of Law partial tuition waivers 2019-2020  is 1 May 2020.