Teaching Staff

  • Prof. dr. T. (Tobias) Cohen Jehoram

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    Prof. dr. Tobias Cohen Jehoram is professor in Intellectual Property Law. 

  • Foto van prof. Marnix van Ginneken

    Prof. dr. M.J. (Marnix) van Ginneken

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    Prof. dr. Marnix van Ginneken is full professor of Corporate Law. 

  • Foto van prof. Frank Smeele

    Prof. dr. F.G.M. (Frank) Smeele

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    Prof. dr. Frank Smeele is professor of Commercial Law at Erasmus School of Law. 

  • Prof. mr. M.A. (Maarten) Verbrugh

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    Prof. mr. Maarten Verburgh is professor in Company Law. 

  • Foto van Lisette Smit-Bennemeer

    E.C. (Lisette) Smit-Bennemeer MSc

    Lisette Smit-Bennemeer is the course coodinator of the master Commercial and Company Law, International Trade Law, International Arbitration and Business Law and Maritime and Transport Law.