Study programme

IMARC is a two-year International Master’s in Advanced Research in Criminology involving three European universities. The growing concerns about a growing influx of refugees, migrants and threats of radicalisation, and related problems about urban security, cybercrime, and corporate malfeasance as well as the increase of hate crimes, racism, xenophobia, and violation of human rights have dramatically changed the crime control agenda in Europe. This current concern raises issues of how to balance human rights and needs for security.

IMARC is an interdisciplinary full-time programme that is developed to prepare students for current demands in the field of border-crossing, security and social justice. IMARC addresses these threats from a truly European perspective. Both in a theoretical and in a practical perspective, IMARC offers  modules about Theory & Methodology, Geo-Politics, Cities and Urban Transformations, Inclusion and  exclusion, Migration, Human Smuggling and Traffcking, Culture and Hybrid Identities, Radicalisation and extremism, European Union Law and Policy on Justice and Home Affairs, and Regulation and Control. 

The programme is divided into four semesters and includes a first common semester of study  at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the selection of a track for the following semester at one of the three universities, and coursework, research modules, fieldwork, data-collection, optional internship, and writing the master’s thesis in third and fourth semesters.

More information on the IMARC-website.