Legal Theory & Socio-Legal Studies

Why study Master Legal Theory

Why study this programme?

If you choose to take this unique Master programme, you will further develop your skills in academic thinking, learn to reflect on law and are challenged intellectually. Our programme is taught in a small group and focuses on interaction, in-class debates and personal contact with the teaching staff.

Not only academia, but also the judiciary and law firms are highly interested in graduates from our Master programme because of their analytical skills, critical attitude and broad perspectives on law.

Our programme is the only legal-theoretical master that is entirely taught in English, and the only master that combines legal philosophy with a socio-legal approach.

In this programme:

  • You learn to analyse a legal problem rapidly, and put it into context;
  • You learn to look beyond the legal framework, and develop analytical insight;
  • You acquire the skills to conduct academic research, write, present, and debate in English;
  • You learn to reflect critically on developments in positive law and to comment on legislative developments;
  • You learn to connect theory with practice and current societal issues;
  • You design your own research projects and explore different research methods.

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