MyFuture LL.M.

You have arrived at an important stage of your college education. Your final year is about to start, and pretty soon you will get your degree. After that accomplishment, you will take the first steps in your professional career. But are you well-prepared for the journey, and the encounters you might have along the way? How will you make sure that this important phase of your life will be as successful as possible?

MyFuture offers you a series of workshops to help you prepare for the journey ahead. All kinds of important aspects will be addressed: from goalsetting and presentation, to stress management and networking. By participating in MyFuture, you’ll get all the tools you need to successfully finish your studies, and to make some great strides during the first phase of your career. Thanks to the workshops of MyFuture, you will have the head-start that might make all the difference!


Thoughout the year

Throughout the year, you can make an individual appointment with one of our EUR career advisors to do a CV check.

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