In Du-End closing ceremony

In Du-End closing ceremony

In the evening of Tuesday November 15, 2016, student association In Duplo organized, together with the Erasmus School of Law (ESL) and the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE), the first closing ceremony for alumni from the joint program in economics and law. These alumni have graduated both on the bachelor and the master level in economics and in law, but there was not yet a ceremony which marks the end of their participation in the joint program as such. This closing ceremony, named In Du-End, has filled this lacuna.

The evening was opened by ESE- and ESL-professor and former prime-minister of the Netherlands Jan Peter Balkenende, who welcomed the alumni, their family and friends and other participants. Balkenende stressed the importance and unique character of the joint program and its alumni.

After this introduction, Louis Visscher (who is the coordinator of the joint program since its inception in 1997) gave a speech which centered around the great developments of alumni since their enrollment at the Erasmus University. Besides their study success (one third of the alumni graduated cum laude!), many alumni have been active in the board of various student associations, went on exchange programs, worked at the university as mentor, ambassador or tutor, developed a political career et cetera. In this sense, the joint program can truly be regarded as an honour programme avant la lettre.

After the speech, Jan Peter Balkenende had a short barstool interview with all alumni, in which he asked them about their most important experiences during their study, the most noteworthy findings of their theses, their plans for the future, et cetera. After each interview, the alumnus received an In Duplo plaque with on one side the name of the alumnus and on the other side a painting from ESL professor Cees Loonstra.

Midway the barstool interviews ESL dean Suzan Stoter and ESE dean Philip Hans Franses provided their respective views on a proposition provided by In Duplo: ‘the alumni of my faculty will survive the fourth industrial revolution’. Both deans were confident in the ability of their alumni in general and alumni from the joint program specifically indeed to be able to respond well to the changing demands due to the fourth industrial revolution.

The In Du-End closing ceremony was a great success, according to all people present.