Erasmus China Law Centre hosts International Conference

On 19 April, Erasmus School of Law is the venue of an International Conference organized by the Erasmus China Law Centre (ECLC). The theme of this year’s conference is: “EU-China Bilateral Investment Treaty Negotiations: A Focus on Investor-State Dispute Settlement”.

Both China and the members of the European Union have been very active in concluding Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs). Together, they can be held accountable for almost half of the existing BITs at a global level. But even though EU-China negotiations were launched for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) in 2013, a EU-China BIT does not yet exist.

The conference attempts to shed light on advancing certain policy proposals to negotiators both in Brussels and in Beijing. It will provide a platform where legal scholars, law practitioners, policy-makers and other interested stakeholders can discuss BITs between the European Union and China. There will be four sessions. Political, economic and social dimensions of the EU-China CAI, European and Chinese perceptions on the topics of market access and state-owned enterprises, and the most dynamic issues pertaining to investor-state dispute settlement will all be discussed there.

 More information about the conference can be found here.