Frequently Asked Questions - Expenses

  • Study related expenses 2015-2016

    The tuition fee for the Erasmus LL.M. Programmes at Master's level is set at € 1,906 for students from countries belonging to the European Union and European Economic Area (EU/EEA). Students from third countries (non-EU/EEA) pay a tuition fee of € 10,600. The tuition fee for the postgraduate LL.M. Business, Corporate and Maritime Law is set at € 13,950 (full time, tuition fee per year). However, the costs of compulsory literature, readers etc. is not included in the fee. The expenses related to purchasing the study material can range from ± € 45-180 per course.
    Use of our computer laboratory (internet and e-mail) and the university library is free of charge once the applicant has registered as a student and has received his/her student card.

    Living expenses

    To attain a reasonable standard of living in the Netherlands, you should have a minimal income of Euro 850 per month. Housing costs vary, depending on the type of accommodation, for more information, please see: Stadswonen. All prices are inclusive of costs for heating, gas, electricity and water. All rooms and apartments are furnished. Use of the telephone will (in most cases) be charged separately. Students from outside the Netherlands are strongly advised to take out health and civil liability insurance for the duration of their stay in Rotterdam.

    The University does not accept any liability for medical or other unforeseen costs incurred by LL.M. programme students. AON offers health insurance coverage to international students for about € 50 a month :

    Students from countries within the EU should check their national insurance policies to make sure that they are covered for the duration of their stay in the Netherlands. In such a case, they should be prepared to supply documentation evidencing such coverage. The most economic way of using public transport (subway, bus and tram) is to buy a monthly subscription. For more information about public transportation, please visit RET Travel by train is in most cases not necessary to reach the university campus.

    Daily meals

    There are two restaurants at the university campus. The main restaurant is open on weekdays from 09.00-19.30. This means you can have a late breakfast, lunch and dinner there. Prices for an average lunch vary between Euro 2 - 5 and Euro 5 - 8 for dinner (including drinks). Of course, it is much cheaper if you bring your own food that you have prepared at home.

  • Students seeking financial assistance for funding their LL.M. Programme are invited to contact the Dutch Embassy in their home countries to see whether scholarships are available under bilateral conventions or other arrangements between their home country and the Netherlands. More information about some scholarships initiated by the Dutch government – such as NFP and Huygens - can be found on the Nuffic website ( You may also check grant finder.

    Students with outstanding academic credentials, who can show that they cannot afford to pay the tuition fees, are invited to apply for a partial or full tuition fee waiver. Students who think they qualify for a tuition waiver are invited to send a formal letter applying for a tuition waiver, stating the reasons for their request. This application should include a complete financial statement. A tuition waiver may be offered in exceptional cases only.

    For more information about scholarships, click here.