LL.M. Commercial Law

Commercial law, also known as business law or corporate law, encompasses a system of law that applies to many countries. It also pertains to the body of law that is applied to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales.

Based in the port city of Rotterdam, our programmes educate legal professionals who are to become well-versed in the branches of Commercial Law. Due to being located in a city that’s a major international trade hub, the programme is able to offer students many opportunities for exploration of trade in practice by combining the theory that is taught with on-site workshops.


Commercial and Company Law

Commercial and Company Law provides you with the legal aspects of doing business in an international setting. The Master Commercial Law distinguishes itself from other LL.M. programmes in Business law by putting an emphasis on private legal relationships and the balance between commercial law, corporate law and procedural law courses. 

Why study this programme?

This programme entails a unique combination of specialist courses in the field of company and commercial law, and general courses in European Private Law and comparative private law. You will be educated by an excellent teaching staff, who have both a solid international academic background and a wealth of experience from commercial and legal practise. Commercial and Company Law is the perfect starting point for a successful international career!

International Trade Law

The master International Trade Law distinguishes itself from other LL.M. programmes in business or trade law by its exclusive focus on the commercial law perspective. The courses deal with the way all parties involved structure their own commercial interactions. Company law, regulatory and public law aspects are left out of account.

Why study this programme?

It focuses exclusively on international commercial law. This master covers is all: from the laws regarding the sale and distribution of goods or services to payment and security mechanisms. And from the rules on the carriage of goods to insurance law and intellectual property rights. Because of its all-encompassing character, this LL.M. provides you with a comprehensive overview of the legal aspects of international trade.

Maritime and Transport Law

The comprehensive master Maritime and Transport Law provides you with thorough, in-depth knowledge of the dynamic world of maritime and transport law. Rotterdam is by far the largest port of Europe and one of the largest logistic and industrial hubs in the world. This means that you will literally be studying where the action is taking place!!  

Why study this programme?

Students acquire the research, writing and presentation skills essential to a successful career as a legal practitioner or an in-house counsel in the maritime- or transport-related business world. By focussing on current developments and practical problems from a comparative law perspective, students develop an international outlook on the many legal aspects of shipping and the transportation of goods.