PhD Defences

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Bryan Khan

    An Economic Analysis of the Intellectual Property Rights of Broadcasting Organisations.

    Promotores: Prof. L.T. Visscher and prof. H.H. Trute
    Copromotor: C. van Noortwijk LL.M.

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Gemelee Hirang

    The Persistence of Non-Tariff Measures in ASEAN.

    Promotores: prof. M.G. Faure and prof. E. Carbonara

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Marit Wijnen

    Introduction of problem-based learning at the Erasmus School of Law: Influences on study processes and outcomes

    Promotores: Prof. S.M.M. Loyens, Prof. A.A.C.M. Smeets, Prof. M.J. Kroeze and Prof. H.T. van der Molen

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Stephen Billion
    31-01- 2019

    Regulating Retirement Savings: An evolutionary psychology approach.

    Promotores: prof. M.G. Faure, Dr P.T.M. Desmet and Dr A. Miller

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Mostafa El Far

    International Investment Law and Domestic Legislations in MENA: Egypt, Jordan and Morocco.

    Promotores: prof. M.G. Faure and prof. S. Oeter

  • Foto van Ifra Jameel

    Ifrah Jameel

    The Impact of Capital Regulation on Bank Involvement in Securitized Banking

    Promotores: Prof. N.J. Philipsen and Prof. A.M. Pacces

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Filippo Roda, 

    The Economic Analysis of the One-way Fee-shifting Rule in Litigation.

    Promotores: prof. L.T. Visscher and prof. E. Carbonara

  • Foto van Thomas Riesthuis

    Thomas Riesthuis

    The Intertwinement of Legal Orders: A Critical Reconstruction of Theories of Jurisprudence.

    Promotores: prof. H.S. Taekema and prof. W. van der Burg

  • Foto van Ilja Tillema

    Ilja Tillema

    Entrepreneurial Mass Litigation; Balancing the building blocks

    Promotores: Prof. S.D. Lindenbergh and Prof. W.H. van Boom

  • Foto van Marcel Snippe

    Marcel Snippe

    De integratie van fiscale gegevens in het rijksbrede toezicht 

    Promotores: Prof. G.M.J.E. de Bont and Prof. R.N.J. Kamerling

  • Foto van Thiago Fauvrelle

    Thiago de Araujo Fauvrelle

    An Economic Analysis of Judicial Performance

    Promotores: Prof. S. Voigt and Prof. L. Visscher