Erasmus Graduate School of Law
PhD Defences

PhD Defences

  • PhD Defence Erlis Themeli

  • 09-03-2018 | PhD Defence Goran Dominioni

    Accuracy, Gender and Race in Tort Trials: A (Behavioral) Law and Economics Perspective

  • 23-02-2018 | Phd Defence Yixin Xu

    An Institutional Design for Sustainable Foreign Forest Carbon Projects in Developing Countries

  • 26-01-2018 | Shaheen Naseer

    The Policy Choices of Bureaucrats: An institutional analysis

  • 15-12-2017 | Renate Buijze

    Philantropy for the Arts in the Era of Globalization, International Tax Barriers for Arts Organizations

  • 14-12-2017 | Stefan Philipsen

    Vrijheid van schoolstichting | The right to establish schools. A study into conflicting interests.

  • 11-12-2017 | Giulia Barbanente

    The relation between large-scale land acquisitions and rural households: evidence from Ethiopia and Tanzania

  • 11-12-2017 | Ahmed Arif

    Deciphering Securitisation and Covered Bonds Economic Analysis and Regulations

  • 01-12-2017 | Maarten Beukers

    Over de grenzen van de stoornis

  • 30-11-2017 | Etleva Gjonca

    European Competition Policy and Financial Services: Rules and Empirical Insights

  • 30-11-2017 | Marco Baudino

    Urbanisation and Growth: A Law and Economics analysis of migration patterns in the People’s Republic of China

  • 03-11-2017 | Winand Aerjen Westenbroek

    Bestuurdersaansprakelijkheid en ernstig verwijt in theorie

  • 03-11-2017 | R. Snoeij

    Taks law aspects of sovereign wealth funds (SWF's)

  • 02-11-2017 | Alina Ontanu

    Cross-Border Debt Recovery in the EU. A Comparative and Empirical Study on the Use of European Uniform Procedures

  • 05-10-2017 | Jolene Lin

    Governing Climate Change: Global Cities and Transnational Lawmaking

  • 29-09-2017 | Bo Yuan

    Foreign-Related Commercial Dispute Resolution in China: A focus on litigation and arbitration