PhD Projects

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Civil Law

  • Dang Hongwei
    Reforming the Investor-State Dispute Settlement System from the Perspective of Sustainable Development.

  • Chen Yihua
    Third-party Funding in International Arbitration

  • Emma van Gelder
    Digitalisation of Civil Procedure (ODR)

  • Georgia Antonopoulou
    International Commercial Courts in Europe

  • Priskila Penasthika
    The Challenges in Applying Choice of Law Clause in International Commercial Contracts: Indonesia as an Illustrative Case Study

  • Marta Kolacz
    Cargo bundling – horizontal cooperation between SMEs for joint transportation

  • Aster Schreuder
    The weight of the qualities of parties: norm or fact?

  • Femke Ruitenbeek
    Understanding the missing link in the relational restoration of personal injury victims

  • Evelien Engelhard
    Improvement initiatives to the personal injury process in the Netherlands, Ireland, the United States and England & Wales – a search for success factors

  • Sarah van Os
    Diversity in Justice? – A comparative, Interdisciplinary and Empirical Study into Legal Culture

  • Marnix Hebly
    Damage assessment and time

  • Ilja Tillema
    Entrepreneurial Mass Litigation

  • Ilona van der Zalm
    Damages for the death of a relative

  • Heleen Tiemersma
    Fostering Business Respect for Human Rights through Finance; addressing the role of Financial Institutions in preventing company-community conflict in the extractive industries

Commercial and Company Law

  • Du Du
    A Comparative Study of Laws concerning Foreign Takeover Bids: China and the Netherlands

  • Fu Qiqi
    Minority Shareholder Protection in Chinese Listed Companies: A Comparative Study with the US and the Netherlands

  • Liu Shuo
    Certain Private Law Issues Relating to Shipbuilding: a Comparative Study of English Law and Chinese Law

  • Ji Yuhan
    Recognition of Foreign Maritime Judgements

  • Xin Wen
    The Unfolding Process and Characteristics of Foreign Investment Legislation in China

  • Titiaan Keijzer
    Dual Class Stock at Dutch Listed Companies

  • R. de Doelder
    Preventing Money Laundering by Banks

  • Jeroen A. Terstegge
    Limitation of management authority of managing directors of public and private limited liability companies

  • S.B. Garcia Nelen
    Conflicten tussen bestuursbevoegdheden en aandeelhoudersrechten, in het bijzonder bij onderwerpen die raken aan de strategie van de beursvennootschap

  • Roy Heesakkers
    Towards a More Inclusive Corporate Law: Accounting for Non-Contractual Stakeholders of Corporation

  • Fiona Unz
    Consumer protection in a disruptive society: A survival guide

  • Josje de Vogel
    Sustainable Mobility and Consumer Protection

Constitutional Law

  • Marlies Blesgraaf
    Regulation, regulatory burden and room for guidance in education


  • Lisa van Reemst
    External aggression against emergency responders: the role of target characteristics

  • Mieke Kox
    Borders and Justice. Unauthorised migrants’ understandings of internal border regimes

  • Marilena Drymioti
    The Greek ‘polis’ under attack: unravelling top-down and bottom-up political violence in times of crisis

  • Léa Masse
    Becoming radical: a phenomenological and transnational examination of youth’s Islamic radicalisation in Western countries

  • Eleonora Di Molfetta
    Sentencing decision-making processes for immigrants with a vulnerable legal status in Italy

  • Teun van Ruitenburg
    Raising Barriers towards Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs:An empirical study on the approach of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in the Netherlands

  • Timo Peeters
    In the thick of struggles: violence, seclusion and social suffering in Guatemala City

  • Irma Cleven
    Effectiveness and enforcement of penal protection orders in the pre-sentencing phase

  • Anna Merz
    From CEO to criminal? Uncovering peer-group disapproval of white-collar crime within business communities

  • Ruben Timmerman
    Irregular migrant workers within Dutch informal economies: The intersection between human trafficking and immigration control

International and European Union Law

  • Margaux Raynaud
    The Norm against Impunity for Serious Human Rights Violations: An International Law Analysis

  • Sophia Paulini
    The Precautionary Principle in the EU's Trade Agreements

  • Nathan de Arriba-Sellier
    The European System of Financial Supervision under the home state supervision principle

  • Francesco Pennesi
    The global reach of EU Financial Law

Labour Law

  • Amber Zwanenburg
    Drawing the line between business opportunities and sham arrangements in Dutch companies’ search to save on the cost of labour (ab)using the EU internal market freedom

Law and Economics

  • Ayman Fouda
    The Diffusion of Innovation in Healthcare: Economic and Regulatory Perspectives

  • Alberto Quintavalla
    Building a New Water Policy: Giving Water Its Full Value

  • Maria Fernanda Caporale Madi
    Vertical agreements in Brazil: challanges to antritrust enforcement

  • Thiago Fauvrelle
    An Economic Analysis of Judicial Performance

  • Shu Li
    3D printing and product safety

  • Stephen Billion
    Regulating Retirement Savings: An Evolutionary Psychology Approach

  • Edoardo David Martino
    Law & Economics of bail-in and the corporate governance of banks

  • Yong-Fu Chang
    Constitutional Environmental Protection and Its Implementation: A Law and Economics Analysis

  • Maria Carolina de Campos
    Nudging - viability and effectiveness

  • Kuan-Jung Peng
    Law and Economic Analysis of Financial Technology

  • Liam Wells
    The Regulation of Pharmaceuticals in the US and EU

  • Nan Yu
    Mandatory Dividend Regulations in the Stock Market: A Comparative Law and Economics Analysis

  • Jian Jiang
    Vilnerability, cybersecurity, and the rule of law and regulation herein

  • Gemelee Hirang
    The Persistence of Non-Tariff Measures in ASEAN

  • Elena Ghibellini
    Bank Crises Resolution and State Aid

  • Renny Reyes
    Regulatory Governance Cycle in Latin American Countries

  • Unbreen Qayyum
    Religious Cleavages and Electoral Violence

  • Paul Daniel Aubrecht
    The Arbitrability of Tort Claims: A Comparative Law and Economics Analysis

  • Mostafa El Far
    International Investment Law and Domestic Legislations in the MENA Region: Egypt, Jordan and Morocco

  • Zhang Yayi
    Anti-foreign Bribery Law Enforcement: Lessons from the United States for China

  • Ma Wanli
    Whither Domestic Courts? The Observation, Evaluation and Reformation of Domestic Courts’ Involvement in International Investment Dispute Settlement

  • Shen Yayun
    A Joint Use of Instruments for Green Building Compliance

  • Zhang Jinyue
    Externalities Generated by Shadow Banking Activities in the Collective Investment Schemes Market and the Regulatory Response

  • Bian Cheng
    A Comparative Study on the National Security Regimes of Foreign Investment in China, the US, and the EU

  • Laurenz Goldhahn
    The Effect of Regulating Executive Compensation on Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Jan Essink
    The Law & Economics of European Integration of Asylum Policy

Sociology, Theory and Methodology

  • Sohail Wahedi
    The Dynamics of Religious Manifestations. On the Mechanism of Abstraction from the Religious Dimension

  • Maurits Helmich
    On the Role of ‘Politics’ in Adjudication: A Conceptual-Taxonomical Analysis

  • Lester Chen
    The Concept of Toleration and its paradoxes

Tax Law

  • Wang Jie
    Study on Formulary Apportionment

  • Oleksiy Shmatko
    Risk Assessment for the Transfer Pricing Purposes