Erasmus Graduate School of Law

EGSL is the Graduate School of Erasmus School of Law. Since the start of EGSL in September 2012, it assists PhD researchers in the first phase of their appointment in elaborating their doctoral proposal and guide them towards successful completion of their PhD by the end of the fourth year.

EGSL provides a supportive, international research environment in which critical reflection, a multidisciplinary approach of the various legal disciplines and the exchange of ideas and experience of all Erasmus School of Law researchers play a substantial role. By creating inspiring and dynamic research- and work environments, where senior and junior researchers meet and learn from each other, EGSL aims to deliver outstanding, socially engaged and inspired academic professionals.

EGSL offers a sound educational programme aimed at facilitating PhD researchers in writing a good doctoral thesis. What distinguishes EGSL from other Graduate Schools? We think that this predominantly lies in the way it provides good guidance. PhD researchers are included in the Erasmus School of Law research community at different levels: by maintaining close contacts with fellow PhD researchers, their supervisors, the entire academic staff and researchers from other disciplines at Erasmus School of Law. During the whole PhD-trajectory, each researcher will be monitored by his or her own doctoral committee. This doctoral committee will monitor the progress of the doctoral thesis.

EGSL requests every PhD to register in Hora Est. Therefore every PhD Researcher needs an ERNA account, which means they must have a position or hospitality agreement (GVO).

At the website of the Beadle’s Office, you can find information about the doctoral regulations, the PhD defence procedure, timeline etc.

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