PhD Projects

  • Edwin Bosch
    Verlies van (betaald) arbeidsvermogen bij letselschade
    Promotor: Prof. S. Lindenbergh
  • Antonia Christopoulou
    From participation to legitimacy: The new role of civil society in defining public interest
    Promotores: Prof. X. Kramer & prof. L. Senden
  • Adrian Cordina
    Affordable Access to Justice in Europe; a Law and Economics Approach to Third Party Funding in Litigation
  • Candice Foot
    Creating a Smart Multilevel Regulatory Mix to Enable Sustainability and Human Rights in Business
    Promotores: prof. L. Enneking & prof. M. Scheltema
  • Eduardo Silva de Freitas
    Crowdfunding civil justice
    Promotores: Prof. X. Kramer & dr. E. Storskrubb
  • Yachao Wang
    Enforcement of Investor-State Arbitration Awards against States
    Promotores: Prof. M. Scheltema & prof. E. Stamhuis
  • Dang Hongwei
    Reforming the Investor-State Dispute Settlement System from the Perspective of Sustainable Development
    Promotores: Prof. M. Scheltema & Prof. Y. Li

  • Chen Yihua
    Third-party Funding in International Arbitration
    Promotores: Prof. G. Meijer & Prof. F. de Ly

  • Emma van Gelder
    Digitalisation of Civil Procedure (ODR)
    Supervisor: Prof. X.E. Kramer

  • Georgia Antonopoulou
    International Commercial Courts in Europe
    Promotores: Prof. X.E. Kramer & Prof. E. Bauw

  • Priskila Penasthika
    The Challenges in Applying Choice of Law Clause in International Commercial Contracts: Indonesia as an Illustrative Case Study
    Promotores: Prof. X.E. Kramer & Prof. W.G. Werner

  • Marta Kolacz
    Cargo bundling – horizontal cooperation between SMEs for joint transportation
    Promotores: Prof. X.E. Kramer & Prof. Frank Smeele

  • Aster Schreuder
    The weight of the qualities of parties: norm or fact?
    Promotores: Prof. S. Lindenbergh & Prof. H.N. Schelhaas

  • Femke Ruitenbeek
    Understanding the missing link in the relational restoration of personal injury victims
    Promotores: Prof. S. Lindenbergh & Prof. H.N. Schelhaas

  • Sarah van Os
    Diversity in Justice? – A comparative, Interdisciplinary and Empirical Study into Legal Culture
    Promotores: Supervisors: Prof. H.N. Schelhaas & Dr P.T.M. Desmet & Dr C.P. Reinders Folmer

  • Heleen Tiemersma
    Fostering Business Respect for Human Rights through Finance; addressing the role of Financial Institutions in preventing company-community conflict in the extractive industries
    Promotor: Prof. M. Scheltema

  • Melissa de Groot
    Compensation for costs of care: challenges at the interface of civil liability law and the public health care system
    Promotores: Prof. S. Lindenbergh & Prof. H.N. Schelhaas
  • Joost Stam
    De bestuurdersaansprakelijkheidsverzekering (Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance)
    Promotor: N. van Tiggele - van der Velde
  • Hilde Verweij-Hoogendijk
    Interfamilial Immunity to Liability? The Role of Tort Law and Insurance in Family Relationships
    Promotores: Prof. S. Lindenbergh & Prof. H.N. Schelhaas
  • Maikel Samsom
    Het recht op privacy en schadevergoeding
    Promotor: Prof. Lindenbergh

  • Du Du
    A Comparative Study of Laws concerning Foreign Takeover Bids: China and the Netherlands
    Promotores: Prof. C.A. Schwarz & Prof. Y. Li

  • John Gruson
    Soft law and Value Added Tax
    Promotores: Prof. M Merkx & prof. W. de Wit
  • Ashwin Kalpoe
    International tax information exchange 2.0
    Promotores: Prof. S. Engels, Prof. R. Kok & prof. M. de Wilde
  • Dominic van Kleef
    Safeguarding Public Interests in Financial Markets: The Necessity of a New Consumer Concept in Financial Market Law
    Promotores: Prof. K. Broekhuizen & Prof. H. Vletter – van Dort
  • Fu Qiqi
    Minority Shareholder Protection in Chinese Listed Companies: A Comparative Study with the US and the Netherlands
    Promotores: Prof. M.J. van Ginneken & Prof. Y. Li

  • Liu Shuo
    Certain Private Law Issues Relating to Shipbuilding: a Comparative Study of English Law and Chinese Law
    Promotor:  Prof. F. Smeele

  • Ji Yuhan
    Recognition of Foreign Maritime Judgements
    Promotores: Prof. F. Smeele & Prof. Y. Li

  • Titiaan Keijzer
    Dual Class Stock at Dutch Listed Companies
    Promotores: Prof. H. Vletter- van Dort & Prof. Maarten Kroeze

  • R. de Doelder
    Preventing Money Laundering by Banks
    Promotores: Prof. H. Vletter - van Dort & Prof. K.W.H. Broekhuizen

  • Jeroen A. Terstegge
    Limitation of management authority of managing directors of public and private limited liability companies
    Promotores: Prof. B.F. Assink & Prof. L. Timmerman

  • S.B. Garcia Nelen
    Conflicten tussen bestuursbevoegdheden en aandeelhoudersrechten, in het bijzonder bij onderwerpen die raken aan de strategie van de beursvennootschap
    Promotores Prof. C.A. Schwarz  & Prof. B.F. Assink

  • Roy Heesakkers
    Towards a More Inclusive Corporate Law: Accounting for Non-Contractual Stakeholders of Corporation
    Promotor: Supervisor: Prof. M.A. Verbrugh

  • Fiona Unz
    Consumer protection in a disruptive society: A survival guide
    Promotores: Dr W. Verheyen & Prof. H.N. Schelhaas

  • Josje de Vogel
    Sustainable Mobility and Consumer Protection
    Promotores: Dr W. Verheyen & Prof. H.N. Schelhaas

  • Michelle de Vries
    The role and position from the loss adjuster according to Dutch law
    Promotores: Prof. S. Lindenbergh & Prof. M. van Tiggele-van der Velde

  • Warren de Waegh
    Sinking in an ocean of debts: maritime insolvencies in the EU
    Promotor: Prof. F. Smeele
  • Mathijs Giltjes
    High frequency trading form a market-abuse perspective. An interdisciplinary research into the potential detrimental effects of high frequency trading
    Promotores: Prof. K.W.H. Broekhuizen & Dr A.C.W. Pijls

  • Marlies Blesgraaf
    Regulation, regulatory burden and room for guidance in education
    Promotores: Prof. P.W.A. Huisman & Prof. M.T.A.B. Laemers

  • Radwan Eshkita
    Data protection laws in the Middle East
    Promotores: Prof. E. Stamhuis & Prof.dr. K. Heine
  • Angela Jans
    Strafrechtelijke ministeriele verantwoordelijkheid
    Promotores: Prof. R. de Lange & Prof. P.A.M. Mevis

  • Mieke Kox
    Borders and Justice. Unauthorised migrants’ understandings of internal border regimes
    Promotor: Prof. R. Staring

  • Marilena Drymioti
    The Greek ‘polis’ under attack: unravelling top-down and bottom-up political violence in times of crisis
    Promotor: Prof. R. van Swaaningen

  • Léa Masse
    Becoming radical: a phenomenological and transnational examination of youth’s Islamic radicalisation in Western countries
    Promotores: R. Staring & Prof. R. van Swaaningen

  • Teun van Ruitenburg
    Raising Barriers towards Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs: An empirical study on the approach of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in the Netherlands
    Promotores: Prof. H.G. van de Bunt  & Dr W.J. Verhoeven

  • Cybele Atme
    Navigating the Ethics of Secrecy: The Role of professional service providers in governing financial economic Crime
    Promotores: Prof. R. Staring, dr. C. van Wingerde & dr. L. Bisschop
  • Daniël Grimmelikhuijzen
    Publiek-private samenwerkingsverbanden in het Nederlandse strafrecht
    Promotores: Prof. P. Mevis & prof. P. Verrest
  • Timo Peeters
    In the thick of struggles: violence, seclusion and social suffering in Guatemala City
    Promotor: Prof. R. van Swaaningen

  • Irma Cleven
    Effectiveness and enforcement of penal protection orders in the pre-sentencing phase
    Promotores: Dr T. Fischer & Prof. R. van Swaaningen

  • Anna Merz
    From CEO to criminal? Uncovering peer-group disapproval of white-collar crime within business communities
    Promotores: Prof. R. van Swaaningen & Dr C.G. van Wingerde

  • Ruben Timmerman
    Irregular migrant workers within Dutch informal economies: The intersection between human trafficking and immigration control
    Promotores: Prof. R. Staring & Prof. R. van Swaaningen

  • Gwendolyn Geuze
    The Perceptions and Effects of Community Sanctions in the Dutch Juvenile Justice System.
    Promotores: Prof. F. Weerman & Dr. T. Fischer
  • Amr Marzouk
    Experimental authoritarianism: how illiberal regimes learn to dominate cyberspace
    Promotores: Prof. R. van Swaaningen & Dr. W. van der Wagen
  • Jeroen van den Broek
    Coherence or Divergence? A Comparative Analysis of the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Committee
    Promotores: Prof. F. Weerman & Dr. R. Roks

  • Jiejing Shi
    The process of One Belt One Road Initiativ
    Promotor: Prof. W.M. de Jong
  • Roy Heesakkers
  • Aziza Mayar
  • Heleen Tiemersma

  • Margaux Raynaud
    The Norm against Impunity for Serious Human Rights Violations: An International Law Analysis
    Promotores: Prof. K. Henrard & Prof. E. Hey

  • Abdurrahman Erol
    Investor Obligations in Investment Treaty and Arbitration from a Business and Human Rights Perspective: Past, Present and Future
    Promotores: Prof. A. Arcuri & dr. F. Violi
  • Sophia Paulini
    The Precautionary Principle in the EU's Trade Agreements
    Promotor: Prof. A. Arcuri

  • Daniela Garcia-Caro Briceno
    Agribusiness and Sustainable Alternatives
    Promotores: Prof. A. Arcuri & dr. Y. Hendlin
  • Nathan de Arriba-Sellier
    The European System of Financial Supervision under the home state supervision principle
    Promotor: Prof. F. Amtenbrink

  • Francesco Pennesi
    The global reach of EU Financial Law
    Promotor: Prof. F. Amtenbrink

  • Elif Gül Yılmazlar
    Settling Conflicts of Human Rights through International and European (Council of Europe/ EU) Standards of Criminalization
    Promotores Prof. E. Hey & Prof. J. Temperman

  • Jolanda Andela
    Starvation as a core crime violation
    Promotores: Prof. K. Henrard & Dr. H. Cuyckens
  • Stephanie Triefus
    Regulatory Depoliticization: International Economic Law, Social Inclusion & Human Rights
    Promotores: Prof. J. Temperman & Prof. A. Arcuri
  • Aziza Mayar
    The role of International Law in Business
    Promotores: Prof. E. Hey & Prof. K.E.H. Maas
  • Monique Niesen
    International Private Law and Private Comparative Law.
    Promotores: Prof. G. Meijer & Prof. H. Ernste

  • Steffen van der Velde
    The EU’s legal duty to safeguard the sustainability of FDI in mineral mining in developing countries 
    Promotores: Prof. F. Amtenbrink & Dr. W. Douma

  • Amber Zwanenburg
    Drawing the line between business opportunities and sham arrangements in Dutch companies’ search to save on the cost of labour (ab)using the EU internal market freedom
    Promotores: Prof. J.E. Even & Prof. A.R. Houweling

  • Erick Hagendoorn
    Vrije arbeidskeuze in het civiele recht
    Promotores: Prof. R. Houweling & Prof. C Loonstra
  • Ilse Kersten
    De billijke vergoeding: een empirisch onderzoek naar de (aanvullende) ontslagvergoeding
    Promotores: Prof. R. Houweling & dr. P. Kruit

  • Bjorn Schouten
    Arbeidsrechtelijke schuldgradaties.
    Promotores: Prof. C.J. Loonstra & Prof. A.R Houweling

Lujia Sun
A Legal Study on Mobile Health: Implications for China
Promotor: Prof. M. Buijsen

  • Paul Daniel Aubrecht
    The Arbitrability of Tort Claims: A Comparative Law and Economics Analysis
    Promotores: Prof. L.T. Visscher & Prof. M.G. Faure
  • Renzo Bloemink
    Law and Economics of the Property Law System
    Promotores: Prof. L.T. Visscher & prof. M.G. Faure
  • Philipp Anton (Tony) Burri  
    The Law and Economics of Third-Party Funding of Collective Redress
    Promotores: Prof. M. Faure & Prof. K. Matis
  • (Charles) Allen Bargfrede
    The Economics of Modern Music Law: a New Model
    Promotores: Prof. L.T. Visscher & Prof. E. Kantorowicz-Reznichenko

  • Mulugeta Bogale
    Labor Regulation, Informality and Economic Growth in SSA: An Empirical Analysis
    Promotores: Prof. H.B. Schaefer & Prof. M.G. Faure
  • Lucas Alves Chacha
    Analysing Brazilian Anti-Corruption Enforcements
    Promotores: Prof. S. Oded & Prof. E. Kantorowicz-Reznichenko
  • Kan-Hsueh Chiang
    Does Information Cost Lead to Medical Moral Hazard? – Evidence from Taiwan National Health Insurance
    Promotores: Prof. E. Salzberger & Prof. L.T. Visscher & Prof. E. Kantorowicz-Reznichenko
  • Salvini Datta
    Ex ante regulation and ex post liability in the pharmaceutical industry
    Promotores: Prof. V. Denicolò & Prof. R.J. Van den Bergh
  • Esra Demir
    Data governance of genetic codes
    Promotores: Prof. E. Stamhuis & Prof. K. Heine
  • Giorgio Dini
    The Introduction of EU Product Environmental Footprint Labels: Experimental economics and Law and Economics perspectives
    Promotores: Dr. A. Tavoni & Prof. M.G. Faure

  • Ayman Fouda
    The Diffusion of Innovation in Healthcare: Economic and Regulatory Perspectives
    Promotores: Prof. G. Fiorentini & Prof. M.G. Faure
  • Laurenz Goldhahn
    Sustainability and Law: The Role of Executive Pay Regulation for Corporate Social Responsibility
    Promotores: Prof. W.G. Ringe & Dr A. Pomelli & Prof. S. Oded
  • Çiçek Gürkan
    The Role of Banks for Corporate Governance
    Promotores: Prof. P.C. Leyens & Prof. M.G. Faure
  • Adrianus van Heusden
    New Law and Economics of Consumer Law: Taking the Real Face of Marketing Seriously
    Promotores: Dr. A.M.I.B. Vandenberghe & Prof. M.G. Faure & Prof. L.T. Visscher

  • Martin Holderied
    Interest Theories on the Regulation of Sharing Economy Markets
    Promotores: Prof. M.G. Faure & Prof. E. Kantorowicz-Reznichenko
  • Mrinmayi Katdare
    Precautionary Principle: How does political discretion influence its implementation?
    Promotores: Prof. M.G. Faure & Prof. E. Kantorowicz-Reznichenko
  • Tristan Kik
    Competition Law in the Data Economy
    Promotores: Prof. N.J. Philipsen & Prof. L.T. Visscher
  • Anna Kovács
    The behavioral determinants of collective action on climate change
    Promotores: Prof. M.G. Faure & Prof. E. Kantorowicz-Reznichenko
  • Francesca Leucci
    Law and Economics of Environmental Damage Assessment
    Promotores: Prof. L.A. Franzoni & Prof. M.G. Faure
  • Ekaterine Lomtatidze
    Constitutionalizing Social Rights: Public choice analysis
    Promotores: Prof. S. Oeter & Prof. K. Heine
  • Pedro Henrique Christofaro Lopes
    Federalism: a Path to Development?
    Promotores: Prof. S. Voigt & Prof. F. Weber

  • Wanli Ma
    Whither Domestic Courts? The Observation, Evaluation and Reformation of Domestic Courts’ Involvement in International Investment Dispute Settlement
    Promotores: Prof. M.G. Faure & Prof. Y. Li
  • Evangelia Nissioti
    Can mediation in civil law systems lead to social and private efficiency gains compared to litigation and negotiation?
    Promotores: Prof. R. Bork & Prof. L.T. Visscher & Dr E. Kantorowicz-Reznichenko
  • Cintia Nunes
    Administered Contracts for Petroleum Extraction in Brazil
    Promotores: Prof. K. Heine & Prof. M.G. Faure
  • Gabriele Paolini
    Plea bargaining procedures in Civil Law countries
    Promotores: Prof. S. Voigt & Prof. E. Kantorowicz-Reznichenko

  • Kostina Prifti
    Regulation of autonomous robots in healthcare
    Promotores: Prof. K. Heine & Prof. E. Stamhuis

  • Kuan-Jung Peng
    Law and Economic Analysis of Financial Technology
    Promotores: Prof. S. Oded & Prof. M.G. Faure
  • Carlos Riquelme Ruz
    Equalities and Inequalities in Sovereign Debt Restructuring. A Law and Economics perspective
    Promotores: Prof. A. van Aaken & Prof. M.G. Faure
  • Shashank Sharma
    Essays on Antitrust Analysis of Multi-sided Platforms
    Promotores: Prof. N.J. Philipsen & Prof. S. Oded
  • Youssoufa Sy
    Political Legislation Cycles in a Comparative Approach
    Promotores: Prof. F. Padovano & Prof. M.G. Faure

  • Liam Wells
    Transatlantic Regulatory Divergence in Pharmaceuticals: exploring economic and cultural explanations
    Promotores: Prof. M.G. Faure & Prof. E. Kantorowicz-Reznichenko & Prof. L.A. Franzoni
  • Qihan Xu
    Legal Regulation of Monopoly Agreements Formed through Big Data: A Comparative Study of China and Europe
    Promotores: Prof. N.J. Philipsen & Prof. Y. Li
  • Nan Yu
    Mandatory Dividend Regulations in the Stock Market: A Comparative Law and Economics Analysis
    Promotores: Prof. M.G. Faure & Prof. G.D. Xu
  • Antonella Zarra
    The Law and Economics of Artificial Intelligence
    Promotores: Prof. W.G. Ringe and Prof. S. Oded
  • Karol Zdybel
    An Economic Analysis of Legal Pluralism
    Promotores: Prof. S. Voigt and Prof. M.G. Faure
  • Jinyue Zhang
    Externalities Generated by Shadow Banking Activities in the Collective Investment Schemes Market and the Regulatory Response
    Promotores: Prof. M.G. Faure & Prof. G.D. Xu
  • Yayi Zhang
    Anti-foreign Bribery Law Enforcement: Lessons from the United States for China
    Promotores: Prof. S. Oded & Prof. Y. Li

  • Maurits Helmich
    On the Role of ‘Politics’ in Adjudication: A Conceptual-Taxonomical Analysis
    Promotores: Prof. W. van der Burg & Dr Lonneke van der Poort

  • Lester Chen
    The Concept of Toleration and its paradoxes
    Promotores: Prof. W. van der Burg & Dr T.M. de Waal

  • Merel van de Poel
    Reconceptualizing the public-private law divide. A philosophical approach
    Promotores: Prof. H.S. Taekema & Dr. G. van Oenen
  • Ruud van de Meerakker
    Promotores: Prof. S. Taekema & Prof. K. Broekhuizen

  • Wang Jie
    Study on Formulary Apportionment
    Promotores: Prof. A. de Graaf & Prof. M. de Wilde

  • Oleksiy Shmatko
    Risk Assessment for the Transfer Pricing Purposes
    Promotor: Prof. A. de Graaf

  • Peter van Gog
    Promotores: Prof. F. Smeele & dr. W. Verheyen

  • Vivian van der Kuil
    Classification Societies and the Public Interest
    Promotores: Prof. F. Smeele & dr. F. Stevens
  • Stijn Lucas Haanschoten
    De bescherming van de minderheidsaandeelhouder in een joint venture op grond van artikel 2:8 BW
    Promotor: Prof. C.A. Schwarz

  • Philippe Louis Hezer
    De informatiepositie van investeerders in Nederlandse kapitaalvennootschappen
    Promotor: Prof. C.A. Schwarz

  • Adam Pasaribu
    FinTech en het betalingsverkeer
    Promotores: Prof. H. Vletter-van Dort & Prof. K. Broekhuizen

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