In de Spotlight

In the interview series 'In the Spotlight', we place colleagues and alumni of Erasmus School of Law in the spotlight. They tell us more about their work, career steps and current focus. What are their biggest challenges at the moment? And where does their passion for law originate?

I enjoy doing research and teaching, so I see myself working in academia for a long time.
Lieselot Bisschop
Professor of Public and Private Interests at Erasmus School of Law
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I highly recommend all PhD candidates to step out of their daily routine and solely focus on their writing
Koen Swinnen
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Contributing to new legislation, remains a highlight in my career.
Lecturer of Criminal (Procedural) Law and Head of Erasmus Centre for Penal Studies
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Some things that are very logical and easy to me, are utterly incomprehensible to people who have more difficulty with the digital world.
Information specialist
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I am a jack of all trades within the master of Financial Law.
Mastercoordinator Financial Law
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It is not about getting the right answers, but about asking the right questions.
Professor of Law & Economics
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Studying is a top sport. I have studied a lot and completed many courses, always with great pleasure, but you must perform.
Associate professor Administrative law
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