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Current facets (Pre-Master)

Student Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) consists of the following components:

Questions? First ask the ESSC

If you have any questions for any of the sections listed above, it is advisable to first contact the ESSC. This is the central service point for all new and current EUR students. The ESSC is in contact with all sections of the Student Administration and can refer you directly to the right team or the right employee, or send you the information or documents you need straight away.

The ESSC can be reached via email, phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, or by mail

Contact information

Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC)

Sanders Building (Hall ground floor, next Erasmus Food Plaza), opening hours: 09:30 - 16:00,
Tel. +31 - (0)10 - 408 2323,
Whatsapp: +31 - (0)6-23372156, 
E-mail: 'e-mail contact' in ASK

  • S.P. Duimel
  • Y.A. Groenendijk
  • A. Ravenschot
  • M.F. Rodriques Andrade Alves
  • P. Vernooij-van Aken
  • J. Vink-Bongers

Enrolment, Deregistration and Funding Team

Tel. via the ESSC, e-mail edf.es@eur.nl (Always include your name and ERNA number)

  • A.W. den Boer
  • N. Matthijssen-van Adrichem
  • S.C.J. van Vliet-Jacobs (proces coordinator)

Study Progress & Diploma Administration Team

ES Study Progress and Diploma ESE, EUR, e-mail spd.ese@eur.nl
ES Study Progress and Diploma ESL, EUR, e-mail spd.esl@eur.nl
ES Study Progress and Diploma RSM, EUR, e-mail spd.rsm@eur.nl
ES Study Progress and Diploma Small Faculties, EUR, e-mail spd.sf@eur.nl

  • Y.C.J. van den Berg (proces coordinator)
  • G.M. van der Ende
  • P. van Lis
  • J.I.T. van Meggelen (proces coordinator)
  • B.H. van der Merbel-Lansbergen
  • K. Peterse
  • M.N.J. Storm-Weltens (proces coordinator)

Examination Organisation

Room MB47/49, opening hours: 09:00 - 16:00
tel. +31 -  (0)10  408 1156/9969, e-mail examination.organization@eur.nl

  • N. Dobber-Rijsdijk,
  • J. de Jong (proces coordinator), tel. (010) 408 1011,
    e-mail jdejong@eur.nl
  • M. Koning
  • G. Kwebeman
  • J.J. Steenbeek
  • J.J. Vink (proces coordinator)

Head of Student Administration