Student Profiles

  • Gergana Boncheva

    Previous education: B.A. in Economics (American University in Bulgaria)

    Research interests: Applied Ethics, Distributive Justice, Well-being, Social Policy

  • Andrés Cano

    Previous education: Economics and Political Science

    Research interests: Anthropology, History of Economic Ideas, Ontology of the Market, Freedom.

  • David Holroyd

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford

    Research Interests: Reflexivity, Political Philosophy, Ethics, Well-Being Science, Animal Ethics

  • Kurt Leonhardt

    Previous education: Bachelor in Economics (Maastricht University)

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Game Theory

  • Damian Diethelm

    Previous education: Bachelor's degree in Philosophy (major), Economics (minor), Université de Fribourg

    Research interests: Ethics of nudging, (relational) egalitarianism

  • Atakan Dizarlar

    Previous education: BA in Economics (major), Philosophy (minor) and MA in Economics, Bilkent University

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Distributive Justice, Kant and Economics, Game Theory

  • Bronagh Marie Dunne

    Previous education: Bachelors of Social Science - University College Dublin

    Research interests: Political Philosophy, Theories of Justice, (in)Equality

  • Naomi van der Hek

    Previous education: Double Degree in Economics/Businesseconomics and Philosophy

    Research interests: Public Policy, Ecological Economics, Political Philosophy, History of Economic Thought

  • Matteo Giordano

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy (University of Milan), Exchange Philosophy and Social Sciences (University of Oslo)

    Research interests: Intellectual Property, Institutional and Historical Economics, Game Theory and Decision Theory

  • Marc Gunsing

    Previous education: International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics (IBEB) & Bachelor Philosophy of a Specific Discipline

    Research interests: Economics and Business Economics

  • Gabriele Diana

    Previous education: B.A. in Global Governance (University of Rome Tor Vergata)

    Research interests: Social norms and behavioural sciences in policy, identity economics and inequality, technological innovation and inequality.

  • Moritz Hörl

    Previous education: BSc in Economics (Vienna University of Economics and Business) , BA in Philosophy (University of Vienna)

    Research interests: Ethics, Development Economics, Economic History

  • Sashank Kapilavai

    Previous education: MSc Development Economics (SOAS, University of London)

    Research interests: Political Economy, Moral and Political Philosophy, History of Economic Thought

  • Marthijn Kinkel

    Previous education: Liberal Arts & Sciences - PPE (University College Groningen)

    Research interests: Political Philosophy, Behavioural economics, Choice theory

  • Roeland Nauta

    Previous education: BA History & BA Philosophy of a Specific Discipline

    Research interests: Distributive justice, freedom & equality, history of economic thought, economic methodology 

  • Fernando Varela Levy

    Previous education: BA in Economics (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas)

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Philosophy of Money and Finance, Distributive Justice, Complexity

  • Luc Lichtsteiner

    Previous education: BA International Affairs - University of St. Gallen

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Behavioural Economics, Theory in the Social Sciences

  • Lizzy Miller

    Previous education: West Chester University of Pennsylvania 

    Research interests: Ethics & Philosophy; Behavioral Economics; Philosophy of Social Science

  • Federico Orsini

    Previous education: Bachelor's degree in Philosophy (University of Milan)

    Research Interests: Economic Methodology, Pragmatism, Science and Common-Sense

  • Timothy Mulder

    Previous education: BSc Economics (major), Philosophy (minor) and Artificial Intelligence (minor) 

    Research interests: History of Economic Thought

  • Ella Needler

    Previous education: BSBA at Washington University in St. Louis with majors in Economics and Finance

    Research interests: Economic Methodology, History of Economic Thought, Keynesian Macroeconomic Thought, Behavioral Economics

  • Flavia Nuta

    Previous education: International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Bachelor in Philosophy of a Specific Discipline (Erasmus University Rotterdam; in progress).

    Research interests: Behavioural Economics, Alternative Economic Systems, Political Philosophy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Philosophy of Man & Culture.

  • Ermanno Petrocchi

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy (University of Bologna) ; MA in Philosophical Sciences (University of Bologna)

    Research interests: Moral and Political Philosophy, Political Economy, Inequalities

  • Martin Nørgaard Petersen

    Previous education: B.Sc. Economics - University of Copenhagen 

    Research interests: Rational Choice Theory, Knightian Uncertainty and Methodology of Economics

  • Giacomo Sacchetti

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy (University of Milan)

    Research interests: Philosophy of Science, Decision Theory.

  • Christoph Schilling 

    Previous education: B.A. in International Economics, Management and Finance, Bocconi University
    Exchange, University of Chicago 
    M.Sc. in Economic and Social Sciences, Bocconi University

    Research Interests: Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Ethics, Power Relations

  • Chiara Stenico

    Previous education: BA Philosophy, Economics and International Studies (Ca' Foscari University of Venice) 

    Research interests: Ethics, Egalitarian theories, Political and Moral Philosophy, Feminist studies, Public policy, EU institutions

  • Jeroen de Vries

    Previous education: Double Degree in Business Administration and Philosophy 

    Research interests: Well-being, meta-ethics, values in science

  • Jędrzej Wymysłowski

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy (University of Warsaw), BA in Film Studies (Jagiellonian University)

    Research interests: Ethics, Sustainability, Political Philosophy

  • Aishwarya Suresh Iyer

    Previous education: Integrated Masters in Economics (University of Hyderabad).

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Rationality, Philosophy of Science, Environmental Economics, Capital Theory, Institutional Economics. 

  • Nappinnai Dhamodharan

    Previous education: BA Economics (Stella Maris College, Madras University)

    Research interests: Ethics and economics, Moral psychology, Environmental economics, Distributive justice.

  • Pedro Pinilla Plaza

    Previous education: Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy (UNED).

    Research interests: Decision Theory, Methodology of Economics, Animal Rights, Philosophy of Science

  • Maria João Pimenta

    Previous education: Undergraduate in Economics at the University of Edinburgh, UK

    Research interests: History of economic thought, Role of vision in economic thought, Performativity of economics

  • Giacomo Sbrozi

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy (University of Milan)

    Research interests: Rationality, Decision Theory, Applied Ethics

  • Anna Wiese

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy and Economics (University of Bayreuth)

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Philosophy of Science, Environmental Economics

  • Rutger Maaskant

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy

    Research interests: Critical Theory, Distributive Justice, Climate justice

  • Isabella Lundy Mogollón

    Previous education: B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) at Denison University

    Research interests: Ethics and Economics; Care; Education; Institutionalism

  • Federica Rito

    Previous education: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    Research interests: Ethics, Economics of Sustainability,  Development Economics

  • Marc Zwierink

    Previous education: BA Economics, MSc Economics

    Research interests: Effective Altruism, Economics Epistemology

  • Lena Voorbergen

    Previous education: Previous education: BA Philosophy (University of Amsterdam), BA Political Science (University of Amsterdam)

    Research interests: Research interests: Political Theory, Inequality, Political Epistemology

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