Student Profiles

Current facets (Pre-Master)

  • Manon Dillen

    Education: Bsc International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics, BA Philosophy of specific scientific field, Msc International Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Research interests: History of Economics, Philosophy of science, Political philosophy and political economy, Philosophy of language, Heterodox economics  (to name a few)

  • Hidde Witteveen

    Education: For four years I studied economics (degree to be received) and philosophy (BA) at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. I wrote my bachelor thesis for economics on the relation between well-being and income and my philosophy bachelor thesis asked whether interventionism is an adequate approach towards causation in the social sciences.

    Research interests: Causation, ethics and economics, moral and political economics, philosophy of science, political philosophy.

  • Anne Albert van der Galiën 

    Education: Bsc Economics and Business Economics & Bsc Philosophy of a Science, Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Research interests: Economic Methodology, Complexity Economics, Statistics, Public Economics, Systemic Risks

  • Lieke Martens

    Education: Propaedeutic year, management, economics and law at Avans univesity of applied sciences Breda & Bachelor philosophy at Tilburg university

    Research interests: History of economics, History of philosophy, Moral and political philosophy, Frankfurter Schule, Philosophy of language (in particular the concept of 'performativity'), Methodology.

  • Piet Jonker

    Education 1973: Doctoral exam (MSc) in Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 2014: BA in Philosophy at the Universiteit van Amsterdam

    Research interests: risk and uncertainty, and speculation.

  • Hester Bartelsman

    Previous education: BSc in Liberal Arts and Science from Amsterdam University College - focus: Logic

    Research interests: Rationality and choice

  • Jard van Heerde

    Previous education: Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences, major in Economics and Law, minor in statistics at University College Utrecht and Bachelor in Dutch Law, Utrecht University

    Research interest: Financial economics, Ethics and economics, Public economics, History of economics 

  • Vincent Schuttevaar

    Previous Education: BSc Economics & Business Economics, BA Philosophy (Double Degree), Erasmus University

    Research Interests: Philosophy of Language, Decision-Making under Uncertainty & Opacity, Evolutionairy Psychology, Sociology, History, Logic, Philosophy of Science, Behavioral Economics, (more generally, a basic interest in pretty much any subject)

  • Carys Goodwin

    Previous education: BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at University of Exeter

    Research interests: Ethics and Economics; Feminist Philosophy and Political Theory; Environmental Ethics; the concept of agency in economic and political theory

  • Lennart Ackermans

    Education: BSc in Mathematics at Leiden University (with double first year program Computer Science and Mathematics, minor in Political Philosophy), minor in Macroeconomics at the University of Amsterdam.

    Research interests: design and morality of the monetary system, anything that comes my way.

  • Måns Abrahamson

    Previous education:Bachelor of Arts in Practical Philosophy, Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics (majoring in Economics), Lund University

    Research interests: Political Philosophy, Value Theory, Economic Methodology, Public Economics.