Student Profiles

  • Måns Abrahamson

    Previous education: BA in Practical Philosophy (Lund University), BSc in Business and Economics (majoring in Economics) (Lund University)

    Research interests: Political Philosophy and Public Economics with special interest in inequality, taxation and healthcare.

  • Hester Bartelsman

    Previous education: BSc in Liberal Arts and Science from Amsterdam University College - focus: Logic.

    Research interests: Social Choice Theory, Political Philosophy, Distributive Justice, Rationality.

  • Jard van Heerde

    Previous education: Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences, major in Economics and Law, minor in statistics (University College Utrecht), Bachelor in Dutch Law (Utrecht University)

    Research interest: Financial economics, Ethics and economics, Public economics, History of economics 

  • Carys Goodwin

    Previous education: BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (University of Exeter)

    Research interests: Ethics and Economics; Feminist Philosophy and Political Theory; Environmental Ethics; the concept of agency in economic and political theory

  • Flavia Nuta

    Previous education: International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Bachelor Philosophy of a Specific Discipline (Erasmus University Rotterdam; in progress).

    Research interests: Behavioural Economics, Alternative Economic Systems, Political Philosophy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Philosophy of Man & Culture.

  • Vincent Schuttevaar

    Previous Education: BSc Economics and Business Economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam), BA Philosophy of a Specific Discipline (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

    Research Interests: Epistemology (methodological, social), Metaphilosophy, Political Philosophy, Evolution, Standard Economics, Education, Social Science (in general)

  • Lior Nissim Grinman

    Previous education: BA Economics and Labour Studies (Tel-Aviv University), pre-MA year History and Philosophy of Sciences and Ideas (Tel-Aviv University).

    Research interests: Distributive Justice, Normative Historical Questions, History of Ecnomic Thought, Ethics.

  • Jakob Schönhuber

    Previous education: BSc in Economics (Vienna University of Economics, WU). 

    Research interests: Ethics, Decision Theory, Methodology of Economics.

  • Pedro Pinilla Plaza

    Previous education: Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy (UNED).

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Rationality, Philosophy of Science, Animal Rights, Feminism.

  • Panos Tagkalakis

    Previous education: Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance, Bachelor's Degree in History and Philosophy of Sciences

    Research interests: Rationality and Institutions, Scientific Explanation, Ethics and Economics

  • Pascal Ally

    Previous education: DipHE in Education, English and African Culture, BA in Education and English, MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (University of York, UK).

    Research interests: Ethics and Economics, Social and Political Philosophy, Literary Theory and Criticism. 

  • Annalisa Costella

    Previous education: Bachelor's Degree in Economics (Bocconi University), Msc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences (London School of Economics).

    Research interests: Decision theory, Evolutionary Game Theory, Ethics and Economics, Social Contract Theories

  • Tim van Dijke

    Previous education: BA Liberal Arts and Sciences (majoring in (political) philosophy), MA Philosophy (Track: Philosophy, Politics and Economics).

    Research interests: Political Philosophy, Theory of Democracy, Universal Basic Income. 

  • Rodrigo Bustamante

    Previous education: BSc (Licentiate) in Economics (University of Buenos Aires), courses in BA in Philosophy and MSc in Economics (University of Buenos Aires).

    Research interests: Development, Empirical Methods, Inference, Emergence & Aggregation, Complexity, Logic & Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science. 

  • Nappinnai Dhamodharan

    Previous education: BA Economics. 

    Research interests: Distributive Justice, Neuroeconomics.

  • Kristian Bakker

    Previous education: BA Philosophy (Leiden University), BSc Economics (University of Amsterdam). 

    Research interests: Political Philosophy, Political implications of Epistemology, Science and Technology Studies.

  • Toine van Mourik

    Previous education: BSc Industrial Engineering (TU Eindhoven), BA Philosophy (KU Leuven).

    Research interests: Philosophy of Science, Methodology of Economics, Ethics and Economics.

  • Erica Yu

    Previous education: BA Economics (Ateneo de Manila University). 

    Research interests: Ethics, Methodology of Economics, Labor Economics, Informal Economies, Indigenous Economic Development.

  • Gaia Belardinelli

    Previous education: MSc Logic (University of Amsterdam), BA Philosophy (University of Padua). 

    Research interests: Logic of Action, Game Theory, Social Epistemology, Social Ontology, Gender Studies. 

  • Elisabetta Gobbo

    Previous education: BA in Philosophy, Economics and Interational Studies (Ca' Foscari University, Venice).

    Research interests: Ethics in Economics, Political Philosophy, Public Policy, Distributive Justice, Bioethics. 

  • Aishwarya Suresh Iyer

    Previous education: Integrated Masters in Economics (University of Hyderabad).

    Research interests: Methodology of Economics, Rationality, Philosophy of Science, Environmental Economics, Capital Theory, Institutional Economics. 

  • Annikka Lemmens

    Previous education: LLB in Dutch Law, BSc in Economics (major in International Economics, thesis on Behavioural Economics), BA Philosophy (double degree programme)
    Premaster Econometrics, MSc Economics of Management and Organisations, all at Erasmus University Rotterdam, some still in progress .

    Research interests: Game Theory, Rationality, Behavioural Economics, Philosophy of Science, Ethics (specifically gender issues).

  • Hidde Witteveen

    Previous education: For four years I studied economics (degree to be received) and philosophy (BA) at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. I wrote my bachelor thesis for economics on the relation between well-being and income and my philosophy bachelor thesis asked whether interventionism is an adequate approach towards causation in the social sciences.

    Research interests: Causation, ethics and economics, moral and political economics, philosophy of science, political philosophy.

  • Piet Jonker

    Previous education 1973: Doctoral exam (MSc) in Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 2014: BA in Philosophy at the Universiteit van Amsterdam

    Research interests: risk and uncertainty, and speculation.