Admission and enrollment

Admission and enrollment: Checklist

This page will give you a checklist with detailed information to help you finalizing your admission and enrollment and to help you with planning your stay in advance. In case you encounter difficulties or concerns on any of these subjects, please don't hesitate to contact us



Course registration

Being admitted for exchange does not automatically mean that the choice of courses you filled in during your online application is confirmed. The response and further instruction will follow in approximately 2 weeks’ time after the application deadline. Please keep in mind that the time to make any changes is limited! Please find the current academic calendar here

Timetables: Information on the timetables is available in the Course Guide around the end of July. Enter the name of your course and check the timetable on the right-hand side. Another way how you can access the timetables is by checking the course description by clicking on the course in course list. 

Registration at the university

Your application is forwarded to the Registrar’s Office and you can expect instructions on how to upload a digital photo of yourself  to the student administration system from them shortly after the application deadline. It is important that you upload your photo as soon as possible, so that your registration is complete. Please be aware that if you do not upload the photo until the beginning of the study semester your enrollment will not be processed.

Student ID Card

The same digital photo you are instructed to upload to complete your registration will be used for your student ID card. Please make sure to upload a recent photo of
(as opposed to a group photo). You will receive your student ID card during the introduction days in the beginning of each semester.

ERNA login and password

After your data is sent to the Registrar’s Office you will also receive an email with your student – ERNA – login and password. Please keep this information safe – you will be using it a lot! For example to log in to the ICT facilities on campus or to make use of the digital learning environment. If you do not received this email until July 1/ Dec 1 please explain this in an email to Do not forget to say your student number. If you do not know your student number, drop us a line.


Immigration (if applicable)


Your data is forwarded to the Immigration Desk around the time of your admission and they will contact you if immigration is applicable in your case. Please correspond
with them directly regarding immigration issues. Please do inform us if you do not hear from them 2,5 months before the beginning of your exchange (e.g., June 20 for
the fall semester and October 20 if your exchange begins in January).

Introduction and orientation

The faculty orientation activities (mandatory). Besides the mandatory orientation activities by the faculty, the central level of the university also offers several orientation programmes for all new (international) students, which are not obligatory. Please plan to be in the Netherlands in time in order not to miss the activities you consider to be useful. If you are not participating in EUR events, please make sure you arrive in time to attend the programme's mandatory introduction day.

Facebook group

In several weeks’ time after the application deadline you will be invited to a Facebook group of exchange students of our faculty. Meanwhile, have a look at the Facebook
of the international office of ESSB and like us to stay fully up to date!

Practical information

Have you arranged your housing yet, is your insurance complete and do you know how to get to Rotterdam? All pre-departure matters, other points to consider before
your study abroad and much more can be found on this page with all practical information.

More information

More information related to all students of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences can be found in learning environment. You will have access to it shortly
before the beginning of the academic semester.