Audun Amundsen

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Ph.D. in environmental science

Dr. Audun Amundsen holds a Ph.D. in environmental science from Erasmus University In Rotterdam. His thesis “Joint Management of Energy and Environment in Industry, Cleaner Production, Environmental Management Systems and Energy Management Facilitating Sustainable Development in Industry” was approved in 1999.

Amundsen holds a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from University in Norway (1975). He has 25 years of experience from Norwegian Industry as a researcher and consultant. Amundsen has been co-ordinator and researcher in national and international research projects on Cleaner Production, Industrial Ecology, Energy and Environmental Management in Industry. He has performed training programs on Greening of Industry, Cleaner Production, Energy- and Environmental Management in Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, The Baltic States, India and China.

His publication list counts more than 100 items, some of them from international journals. Currently he is working on utilisation of biogas from landfills in Norway. The biogas is transferred to electricity, steam and district heating. 

Audun Amundsen