International Bachelor in Psychology

Study programme

Please know that we understand that due to COVID-19 you might have concerns about studying abroad or starting this programme. We want to assure you that this programme will take place and start in September. If due to the corona virus we cannot have classes and lectures on campus, we will offer an online alternative. Once we are certain in what way the academic year will commence, we will inform you immediately.

Do you want to help organisations and their employees thrive in a professional way? Are you interested in the way the brain functions and how you can develop talent through education? If so, this programme will be a perfect fit for you! Through theory and practice you will familiarise yourself with various subjects in psychology.

Within our Psychology programme, we educate using the Problem-Based Learning method. In small groups, you will analyse concrete problems by looking for information in books, journals and digital media. Class discussions will strengthen your bond with fellow students and encourage you to succeed. You will also develop professional skills which aim to minimise the gap between university and the workplace and prepare you for your career path as a

Problem Based Learning

First year

During the bachelor programme in Psychology, you will learn about all the subject areas related to the field. In the first year, you will gain a good overview of all of the disciplines. Together with your peers you will learn and discuss the various theories and concepts related to a certain type of behaviour. In addition, you will learn practical psychological skills which are required to handle this behaviour. For example during your ‘Personality Psychology’ course, you will investigate as to why our personalities make us behave in different ways. Parallel to this, you will undergo, analyse and report on personality questionnaires as part of the ‘Psychodiagnostics’ practical. In other words, what you learn throughout the course is applied in the practical meetings, gearing you up for working life.

You will also follow classes in statistics, research methods and practical skills. You will learn, for instance, how you have to conduct professional conversations and how to observe people. Furthermore, you will learn how to conduct experiments. Sometimes, you will act as a test subject yourself.

Second and third year

In the second year, you will attend more advanced courses in the various fields of psychology. After your Ba2 year, you will have familiarised yourself with all the subareas of psychology.


During the third year, you will have a better availability to choose subjects you are particularly interested in. In the first half of this year, you will choose the subjects you want to take in your minor and as (an) elective(s). You can also spend this time at a foreign university or another faculty. You will thus have the opportunity to explore topics beyond the realm of psychology. This can help you to choose your master and thereafter the career you wish to pursue.

In the second half of the third year, you will specialise in the area of psychology that most appeals to you. The courses you will follow shall prepare you for a master programme. You will conclude your bachelor degree with a thesis in which you address a psychological research question in a scientific manner.

It still amazes me how some behaviours we see daily are the result of a bunch of neurons and neurotransmitters working together.
Mariem Ait Belhadj
Student International Bachelor Psychology from Morocco
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Even though the workload is heavy, I work with a smile on my face.
Tatjana Fincke
Student International Bachelor in Psychology from Germany
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