Education and Examination Regulations (EER)

The Education and Examination Regulations are the programme-specific rights and obligations of Sociology, Public Administration, Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences programme students. The general university Student Charter stipulates the rights and obligations applicable to all students.

These Education and Examination regulations are year-specific, with cohort-specific provisions, such as the transition, compensation and resit regulations described in the appendices, remaining in force for the specific cohort as described in the appendices.These regulations are adopted annually by the dean of the ESSB with the consent of the Faculty Council and following the recommendations of the Examination Board and the Degree Programme Committees.

The Rules and Regulations is an Examination Board document. While the Examination Board is an independent body within the faculty, it is essential that the Education and Examination Regulations and the Rules and Regulations are coordinated so that they are in line with each other.

Note: The general university Student Charter stipulates the rights and obligations applicable to all students.