Course registration

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Finalizing your course registration

Registration for courses happens at the moment of application for exchange, in one and the same online application form. Registering for courses at this stage means requesting a preliminary permission/ confirmation. Being admitted to exchange does not automatically mean that your choice of courses is confirmed.

Within several weeks’ time after the deadline of application you will receive a reaction to your course choice and an instruction on how to proceed. It can turn out that you wish to make some changes to your initial course selection or you are asked to make adjustments by us. Please react in a timely manner and consult your exchange coordinator at your home university about your choices. We strongly recommend that you consider your choices seriously, by reading course descriptions attentively.

Once you receive a reaction to your course registration from the International Office, your registration is sent off to the Office of Student and Educational Affairs (OSEA) and processed. In most cases it means that you are registered for the course. If not, you will hear from OSEA about it up until one week before the beginning of the course. 

In anticipation of the questions you may have regarding your final course registration, we have highlighted some of the most important points below.



Changing or dropping courses



Reaction by email  to preliminary confirmation:

  • until June 10 for semester 1 and
  • until November 1  for semester 2.

Adjustments to the initial course choice in the view of timetables

  • between July 20 until  August 1 (only possible for semester 1. academic year exchange students. Students of semester 2 have all timetables online and are able to make informed choices while submitting the application). 
You can make adjustments to your original choice on the above occasions by emailing the International Office with your specific request. Emailing is only possible BEFORE the studies begin. Afterwards changes will be made via the learning environment.

More than one course per block


It is allowed to choose more than one course per block, but there are consequences:

  • You must be prepared for a an intensive studying mode;
  • You must check for conflicts in timetables to see if it is physically possible to follow these courses. Have a look on this page for additional help. Please mind that this is your responsibility to be aware of the potential conflicts: until the end of July for the students starting in semester 1 and at the moment of the application for the students starting in semester 2;
  • if you feel that it will be too heavy, you must drop the course no later than during the first week of the course. 

Unavailable courses

Some courses you have chosen may no longer be available due to changes in the curriculum or availability of courses. Should this be the case, we will inform you about it. You can always look for alternatives in the adjustment periods and inform us about the changes. 

Psychology courses


If you have chosen a psychology course of a level higher than bachelor 1, your file will be forwarded to the department of Psychology for approval of your eligibility to follow the course(s).

The rule of the thumb is that not being a psychology major you are probably not eligible to follow a 2nd/3rd year psychology course. You will receive a separate message confirming your eligibility or denying you access to the course. 
Please make sure you have delivered the most recent transcript of record and a list of coursers you are following during the semester when you are applying for exchange (thus all the psychology courses you will have followed before the beginning of your exchange) in order to provide us with most up-to-date information.

Courses from outside the faculty


  • Registering for a course outside the faculty is not a guarantee that you will be able to follow the course: the places are normally limited.
  • If you have chosen more than one course from outside the faculty, please keep in mind that you are only allowed to follow one course if you get accepted to it.
  • Please follow the instructions of the respective faculty whose course you intend to follow regarding registration for the courses on the website of the respective faculty. They have their own registration procedures. 

Course registration for exchange students of other faculties of EUR

If you are an exchange student at another faculty of Erasmus University Rotterdam and you would like to follow courses at Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, click on this link for more information and online registration.