Costs and expenses

Photo: Jan van der Ploeg

Estimated costs and expenses

Arranging your finances might be one of the most important aspects of preparing your stay in the Netherlands. To be able to make a good cost estimate, it is important to know what expenses and possible incomes to expect. Therefore, we have listed the next few items for you. Please be aware that the estimated prices are subject to change.

Example: average living expenses per month:Cost
Accommodation (furnished, incl. (shared or individual) utilities)
Books and study materials (may vary per study programme)
Daily expenses (food, drinks, clothes, going out, public transport, etc.
Other (non-recurrent) expenses:                       
Visa and residence permit fees (for non-EU students)
Bicycle (secondhand)
Unforeseen expenses (high medical or telephone bill, etc.) 
Average prices of selected items:                                            
Cup of tea or coffee in a café
Cheese sandwich
Big Mac
Meal in a typical student restaurant 
Cinema ticket
Hairdresser (cut and blow-dry)

More information on financing your stay can be found here.