Diploma verification

Information on diploma's, certification and/or enrollment of alumni of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) can be verified using the following three methods:







Waiting time








Exam Registry EUR

Publically accessible, though some personal details are required to find information on a specific alumnus.







DUO diploma register

Only accessible to the alumnus, but he/she can easily distribute digital and certified copies of the extracts generated using this system







Manual diploma verification

Accessible for one applicant with the express consent of the alumnus

Max. 10 business days

25 euro

d.Manual diploma verification of post-experience MBA programmes 

Accessible for applicants with written consent (consent form) from the alumnus/alumna

Max. 5 business days Free

a. Exam Registry Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

Information on EUR-diploma's awarded to alumni who've given permission for this can be viewed via the Exam Registry EUR. Anyone can use this registry to instantly verify whether someone actually is an alumnus of EUR, when the associated diplomas were awarded, and which specific academic programmes said alumnus completed at EUR.

The information in the Exam Registry EUR is filled with information from the EUR's examination administration automatically, once the alumnus has approved of this.

Students and alumni can give their permission for the recordation of information on their certification in the Exam Registry EUR online and at all times. By doing this they allow third parties such as employers or recruiters - that are in possession of specific personal information on the student or alumnus - to easily and quickly verify information on their certification. This process takes much less time than requesting a manual diploma verification.

More information (including application and access):

b. Diploma registry DUO

In the Netherlands, awarded diplomas are automatically recorded in the diploma registry of the Education Executive Agency (abbreviation in Dutch: DUO) of the Dutch government. Alumni can generate a digital and certified extract of their diploma information and download it from this registry. The certification is derived from a digital certificate-based signature that is linked to the extract; a type of digital signature. By using this digital extract (in pdf-format) alumni can easily prove which diploma's were awarded to them at EUR.

Alumni can log in to the DUO diploma register using their DigiD and create and download their own extract as a PDF file. A security certificate is also provided with this PDF file, which establishes the authenticity of the extract. This certification aside, the extract is simply a PDF file that can be distributed in the same manner as any file of this type.

A diploma registry extract from DUO, amongst other things, contains personal information on the alumnus, the identity of the institution that issued the diploma, the name of the related academic programme, and the nature of the exam (university master or 'WO master' in Dutch, higher vocational education bachelor or 'HBO bachelor' in Dutch).

Replacing the hardcopy certified copy of a diploma
Previously, the authenticity of diploma certificates was often confirmed using a hard copied certified copy of the diploma certificate. The digital and certified extract from DUO's diploma registry replaces this hard copied version in social intercourse.

More information:

Diplomaregister DUO (webpage in Dutch)

c. Manual diploma verification

If an alumnus of Erasmus University Rotterdam does not appear in the Exam Register of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and is not listed in DUO's Diploma Register, it is possible to ask EUR to manually verify information on a alumni's certification for a fee. More specifically this means that a person or organisation asks EUR to manually verify that a party claiming to be an EUR alumnus has in fact obtained his/her diploma at EUR.

The application process of this verification can be started via the payment button below. All steps below need to be followed carefully to submit an application:

  1. Pay (25 euros per application) via the link below and save the payment confirmation. You can pay with IDEAL, PayPal, or credit card.
  2. Next, the web page on which you can complete the application form is opened automatically.
  3. Fill in the application form completely and correctly.
  4. Next, submit the application and attach the following documentation:
    1. The application form (mandatory);
    2. The alumnus’ approval (mandatory);
    3. The payment confirmation (mandatory);
    4. Any other documentary evidence (not mandatory).

Any applications without the documentation mentioned above attached will not be accepted.

d. Manual diploma verification of Post-Experience MBA Programmes 

Alumni of Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) who completed a post-experience MBA programme (OneMBA, Fulltime MBA or Executive MBA) do not appear yet in the Exam Registry (EUR) and DUO’s Diploma Register.

To verify if an alumnus/alumna obtained a MBA degree at RSM, please send your request, together with a consent form signed by the alumnus/alumna, to the Registrars Office via registrar@rsm.nl.

Please note that applications without the required consent form can not be processed.

Attention: If an alumnus/alumna obtained a bachelor degree (BSc) or a pre-experience master degree (MSc) at RSM, the Registrars Office will not be able to verify this. Please use one of the verification methods as listed above.


More alumni services

Apart of the above-stated, EUR offers a variety of services for its alumni. Please refer to our Alumni website for more information on this subject.

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