International organisations


    AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organisation that creates a positive impact on the world through personal development and shared global experiences. Their database consists of more than 5000 internships and volunteer projects, in more than 125 countries.

    Professional internships 

    AIESEC's Global Talent programs offer the opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a challenging, professional environment abroad. They offer 6-12 months internships in a wide variety of sectors and company sizes in order to let you grow.

    Volunteer projects

    AIESEC's Global Volunteer project is an opportunity to break stereotypes, create cross-cultural understanding and to make a positive impact on a local community. Step out of your comfort zone, discover and develop yourself and create a better world through contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. The projects are 6-8 weeks and most of the time accommodation and food are covered by the AIESEC entity abroad. 

    Part-time and full-time board positions

    AIESEC Rotterdam also offers you the possibility of becoming active as a full-time or part-time board member in their Local Committee, giving you the opportunity to expand your network and develop yourself professionally. If you’re interested in joining them, please feel free to come by their office in NB-09 or at their weekly drinks on Thursday evenings in café Vrienden Van Live!

    Room: NB-08/09/11

  • ESN (Erasmus Student Network)

    Erasmus Student Network Rotterdam (ESN-Rotterdam) cooperates closely with the International Offices of all faculties, the Director of Student Facilities, Study- and Student Associations, and other relevant bodies within Erasmus University Rotterdam to enhance the academic and social experience of international students in Rotterdam.

    In this framework and with this purpose, ESN-Rotterdam strives to foster friendships that transcends boundaries and widens their professional and social network.

    ESN-Rotterdam sees itself as an ambassador for our university and city, and through this we hope to enhance the experience of each international student, when studying and living in Rotterdam. In addition, ESN-Rotterdam wants to be a student organization that makes itself available to every international student, minimizing the threshold to join activities and contact the board for assistance.

    As this novel student organization we would contribute to this experience, through:

    • Integrate the international students in the society and the culture of Rotterdam, also in terms of linguistic tools and social opportunities;
    • Bringing about the “Dutch Experience” through social activities;
    • Evaluating the exchange experiences of international students and having their evaluation considered and appreciated by the competent institutions, in order to foster and influence the evolution of the exchange programmes and policies;
    • Helping, in turn, other students to succeed in their exchange study and in overcoming the same difficulties and challenges they experienced.

    Room N1-13

  • IFMSA Rotterdam

    IFMSA-Rotterdam is an organisation that is part of an international network of 92 countries. This network brings together over one million medical students worldwide. In our opinion it is useful for all people, but especially future physicians, to know about the health issues worldwide. IFMSA-Rotterdam tries to create more awareness about global health among students. We try do accomplish this goal by organising projects on local and national level, but some of them are internationally orientated. In addition, IFMSA-Rotterdam organises exchanges for medical students.

    Room: Cd 3.15
    Erasmus MC, Dr. Molewaterplein 50, 3015 GE Rotterdam

  • ISR (International Students Rotterdam)

    ISR (International Students Rotterdam)

    ISR is an association aimed at integrating international students into Dutch society. The ISR team acts to provide you with the tools to succeed, the network to progress and chances to delight in the free time you all need. Positioned amidst their core values such as cooperation, family and development, is ISR's wish to become everyone’s international family! ISR strives to make all students feel welcome and excited for their university experience. ISR aims to create a community of young adults from an enriching diversity of backgrounds. They aspire to offer both social and academic opportunities to everyone in Rotterdam.


    An extensive student guide is put at each and everyone’s disposition, with a complete array of tips, activities, events, places and other informative content. It is regularly updated so as to offer the most adequate indicator of how to fully and efficiently live life in Rotterdam, and extensively, in Dutch society. Moreover, the ISR website blog and Facebook page delivers weekly advice and reviews on diverse subjects, ranging from housing to transport, administration or nightlife.


    Equally crucial for a successful, balanced student experience are social gatherings. ISR has a broad range of activities, which are always fun, easy and cheap to attend. For instance, the monthly drinks at the Concordia bar attract a unique eclectic crowd. Acquiring an ISR membership will secure discounts, not only for ISR events but for other parties, shops or companies as well.


    Finally, the academic perspective is also emphasized to help students develop skills as well as find a job or internship opportunities. Every year ISR hosts I-Bet, a meeting between Rotterdam’s youth and a diverse range of firms looking for international workforce. Through these kinds of events, ISR hopes to foster improvement, ambition and energy within their community.

  • Foundation for work experience in developing countries (Stola)

    Are you interested in health care in developing countries? Have you always wanted to go to a Third World country? Well, then STOLA is something for you! This foundation has been managed by students within the medical faculty of the Erasmus MC since 1972. The foundation is engaged in tropical health care and development work. Fourth-year students can choose to do their “keuzeonderzoek” in Third World countries via the STOLA. Besides this, it also organises the “Tropencursus” twice a year for the second-, third- and fourth-year students. The course deals with the medical and non-medical aspect of the Third World in the form of lectures and workshops. The course counts towards “keuzeonderwijs” in the third-year of studies.

    Room: Cd-3.15