Other organisations

Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (I.S.O.)

The Dutch National Student Association (DNSA, in Dutch Interstedelijke Studenten Overleg (ISO)) is the largest NUS (National Union of Students) in the Netherlands. It represents 180,000 students in the Netherlands that participate in research universities and universities of professional education. Its main focus lies on the quality of the education offered and the position that students have in it. The DNSA tries to reach its goals by lobbying with institutions that offer higher education, the ministry of education, members of parliament, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, the Association of Universities of Professional Education, the NUFFIC and other relevant parties. The ISO has representatives in almost every city in the Netherlands in which a research university or a university of professional education is located. The main goals of the ISO are to create a higher education area that is of good quality and has all the facilities students need to be properly educated. Furthermore it promotes a differentiated study programmes offer which is accessible to all students with the proper prior education.

Address: Bemuurde Weerd o.z. 1, 3514 AN Utrecht


When you start to study in a new city, you are faced with a lot of new organisations. For this reason we’re introducing ourselves to you.

Integrand is an internship mediation agency. Our primary goals are arranging interesting internships for academic students, and keeping in contact with multinationals and medium-sized to small businesses. As well as internships, we also offer business courses. At these, you will meet a company, learn how to deal with daily activities and solve interesting problems during cases and workshops.

You will really get to know us when you’ve advanced with your studies. Then you will be able to reach us at this address and number.

Room: NB-06

Foundation for Refugee Students UAF (UniversityAssistance Fund)

The UAF has the goal of enabling refugee students in the Netherlands to continue their studies and to qualify. The UAF has already helped 2,100 refugee students with their studies at Dutch universities, colleges and with the Dutch MBO academic standard. The help UAF offers refugee students includes:

• financial support
• administrative help with application procedures and study-finance procedures
• study advice
• support with preparatory courses
• social and educational guidance
• help with finding work.

The UAF is a private fund-raising foundation. The financial support and guidance of refugees is entirely financed by donations from private individuals and organizations. Included among the 25.000 donors are former students and employees of universities, who make donations out of solidarity with their fellow refugee students. You can also support the UAF by registering as a donor. You can determine the size of your donation yourself and you will receive the quarterly magazine, ‘Momentopnamen’ (Snapshots), which will keep you informed about the UAF’s activities. Single donations are also welcome of course, as well as donations from collections, anniversaries, receptions and bequests (Giro 76 300).

Address: Wilhelminapark 38, 3581 NJ Utrecht
030-252 0835

The JoHo Company


  • Study: study effectively, e.g. with our summaries of mandatory literature,practise-questions and summaries of lectures. Want to learn and make moneyat the same time? Come write for us!
  • Arrange your language course/studies/internship abroad with the JoHo Abroad Service.
  • Developmental work/volunteering: via the JoHo Foundation and JoHo Centres Abroad you can become active in developmental projects (like education & housing, health & nurture, nature & animal protection, ecotourism & small business).
  • JoHo Abroad Service: temporary jobs, internships and regular jobs abroad, like ANWB emergency centre, hotel- and entertainment industry, call centres, ski resorts and medical internship programmes.
  • Travel? Arrange your (fifth) anniversary trip or low budget hostels via JoHo. Visit our store for travel pharmacy, flexible plane tickets for students and youngsters, around the world tickets, traveller café, ISIC/IYTC reduction cards and youth hostel cards.
  • Insurance: work/internship/study/(world)travel insurance like JoHo ISIS and Elvia Globetrotter, continual JoHo travel insurance (from € 30/yr.!!) and cancellation insurance.
  • JoHo Card: many reductions with the JoHo Card. By being a JoHo Card holder/donor you also support developmental projects world-wide. Double your reduction on study-summaries with the JoHo Compass-Card. Get your JoHo Card for free, e.g. when you effect an insurance (check conditions).

Also JoHo Centres in Amsterdam (Taksteeg 8), Leiden (Stationsweg 2D), Groningen
(Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 30), Den Haag (Paviljoensgracht 18) and abroad. More info check www.joho.nl.

Address: Schaatsbaan 41-43

Stichting Intermediair Rotterdam (S.I.R.)

The SIR (Stichting Intermediair Rotterdam) is a foundation run by and intended for Erasmus University students. Our goal is to assist future students such as yourself to get through your studies without too much hassle. As such, the SIR works as an intermediary between you and your studies. In a nutshell, the SIR has been offering its services since 1984 by publishing lecture notes for the faculties of Economics, Law, Business Administration (or Bedrijfskunde), and International Business Administration. On top of this, we offer the opportunity of tutorship for many university courses. As of the academic year 2005/06, a new online ordering system will be available to all students through www.sirbis.nl. For more information, please view our main website.

D-floor, Woudestein
010-4081153 (store)/ 4082826 (office)