Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) has many sports facilities, including 50 different sports, professional instructors and trainers and 22 different student sport associations! The Erasmus Sport Center on Woudestein campus has two large venues for all kinds of indoor sports, 2 training halls, a dance studio, spinning studio, five squash courts, a brand new gym and six outside tennis courts. In co-operation with student associations, the Erasmus Sport Center also offers numerous outdoor sports (soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and field hockey to name a few).

The Erasmus Sports pass comes in different types: valid for 12, 6, 3 months or just 1 month. They also sells day passes. Be aware of their co-operation with ESN Rotterdam, with whom they have developed custom made deals for international students.

Top-level sport

Many people believe that studying and top-level sport is a difficult and time-consuming combination. Erasmus Topsport is the central organisation at Erasmus University Rotterdam offering support to top athletes. Top athletes compete in the highest national league or at international level. The support mainly focuses on facilitating students in combining their sport and study through study and sport facilities.

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Join a sports team

Join a sports team