Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences


International Public Management and Public Policy Alumni Association (IMPAA)

Students who complete the Master International Public Management and Public Policy (IMP) are invited to join the IMP Alumni Association (IMPAA). IMPAA has been founded at 19 November 2016 and brings together alumni from all years since the program started in 2004. Current IMP students are also welcome to join IMPAA as aspirant-member after they have successfully finished their first ‘block’.

IMPAA’s formal objective is to maintain and stimulate the connection between IMP alumni, current IMP students and the IMP staff. The exchange of professional knowledge, expertise and experience is at the core of IMPAA’s activities, while also leaving room for (re)connection of our alumni on a personal level. IMPAA’s main activities are annual alumni events and lectures. In addition, IMPAA regularly invites alumni to contribute to the IMP program by providing guest lectures to current IMP students. As such IMPAA aims to improve the connection between IMP and the working field.

We treasure the input from our members, so if you have suggestions concerning IMPAA’s activities or if you want to share vacancies, interesting articles or IMP-related events, please send a mail to: Also in case you are an alumni and interested in contributing to the current IMP program, you can send a mail to this address.