Cedo Nulli

Study association S.F.V. Cedo Nulli

Cedo Nulli is the study association for Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology and Pedagogy) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Cedo Nulli provides excursions, parties, study trips and discount on your study books, because student life in Rotterdam is so much more than just following lectures. Next to that Cedo Nulli gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and helps you to work on your resume. You can gain relevant working experience and just have loads of fun on one of their committees!

International Committee

Cedo Nulli wants to be the study association for the whole faculty, not just the Dutch-speaking part of it. That is why they are planning on becoming more internationally orientated, with activities and information both in Dutch and English. This year they are having an International Committee which runs from January to December, organising activities for both incoming international students and Dutch students planning on studying elsewhere in the world. Are you an international student at the Erasmus University Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences and would you like to get to know more people while participating in fun activities? Stay tuned for activities from the International Committee!

Meanwhile, just have a look on their website to see when the next activity will be!