Payment of tuition fees

Pay the tuition fees in Studielink as soon as possible, but before August 31 at the latest. Please refer to the website on tuition fees for more information regarding the amount and procedures of payment.

Please mind that the amount is most of time determined by your nationality which is why it is important for you to present the proper ID document during application - in case of double nationality or holding a residence permit.

Please make sure you transfer the money at least two weeks before the academic year starts – international transfers take time and if your payment does not reach us on time (that is before September 1) your enrolment will not be complete and you will not be able to start your studies.

In case you have not received a confirmation from the system regarding your complete admission/ enrolment it is still a good idea to pay in advance to speed up the process.

Please contact the Erasmus Student Service Centre if you want to check the progress of the payment.”

Debit dates

If you have chosen the option of authorizing the university to withdraw the fee from your account, the dates the money is withdrawn are the following:

Type of digital autorisation

Date money is deducted

One-off direct debit

around 26 September

Paying in installments (only for SEPA bank accounts)

6 moments. 

For more information or clarity, we advise you to contact Erasmus Student Service Centre.