Programme structure

In the Netherlands you officially take three years to complete your Bachelor's degree, although your studies may easily end up taking longer. However, the International Bachelor’s in Psychology helps you earn your degree within three years. This happens in three ways.

Binding Study Advice

First of all, the Binding Study Advice applies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. This means that if you earn the required credits, you receive positive advice to continue to the second year. If you fail to earn all the points, you will unfortunately have to discontinue your studies. Exceptions may be made if there are personal reasons for poor results. During your studies, the study adviser monitors your study progress and you receive interim study advice.

Year Class System

The ‘year class system’ has furthermore been introduced at the university. This works as follows: you pass every subject from your first year and thus start the second year with a clean slate. Under certain conditions, you may potentially repeat and compensate subjects. This system also applies when you progress from the second to the third year. This way, you can focus fully on your new classes the next year, with the added benefit of staying together with your classmates.


Since with the International Bachelor’s in Psychology the year is divided into blocks, you only study one subject at a time. Each block is concluded with an examination, ensuring you can focus your full attention on these. Both the theoretical classes and the practical skills relate to the same theme, just like the assignments you complete and the study materials you use. Our lecturers believe this is important, because abstract theories become much clearer if you apply them straight away.