How to study (basics)

Photo: Michelle Muus

Different individuals learn best in different ways. Coming from different cultural and educational backgrounds, it is almost certain that students will have somewhat varying expectations as to how to study, how to behave in class, what is expected in essays and exams, and so on. At ESSB we believe in an active study attitude which means that you do not just study passively and expect books or lecturers to give you all the answers, but rather stay active in order to process all the information effectively.

Active processing of information

Below you will find the basic steps on how we expect our ESSB students to read and process information.  

Study tips

  • Spaced studying, no cramming (learn more about the importance of spaced studying here);
  • Take regular breaks;
  • Explaining theories and studies to others;
  • Make a planning.

More information

More extended information on how to study but also on how to behave in class and what is expected in essays and exams can be found on this page.