Admission and application

Admission and enrollment: checklist

The procedures of application, admission and enrollment are not the same at every university and even within the same university. In order to give you an idea of the process before entering the programme we have created an overview to help you clarify the details.

Please read the information in the checklist below very carefully in order to finalise your admission and enrollment successfully. The checklist will also help you with planning your stay in advance. In case you encounter difficulties or concerns on any of these subjects, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Offer reply form: We request you to confirm your participation in our programme through EUR Admissions Portal, Offer Reply Form, no later than four weeks after the date of receiving the offer of admission (or, if the email was sent in July, by August 1 of the current calendar year). Please keep in mind that filling out the Offer Reply Form is one of the essential requirements for finalizing the admission procedure. We look forward to hearing your decision!
Documents to complete admission: Check the details here.
Condition: Please note that admission to enrolment will only happen after we have received an offer reply form and the hard copies of requested documents per post, AND after you have fulfilled the requirements set by your offer of admission (e.g., pre-module, finishing your current studies or something else) – if you had a condition, of course. If you have to fulfill a condition set in the offer of admission, your enrolment will be pending until the moment you fulfill it and inform us about it, presenting a proof thereof.
Upload your passport photo: An important system-generated message was sent to you right after you registered for our programme. It contained instructions on how to upload a digital photo to the student administration system. Please make sure to upload a recent photo of yourself (as opposed to a group photo).
Payment of tuition fee: More information
Immigration (if applicable): Your data is forwarded to the Immigration Desk around the time of your admission and they will contact you if immigration is applicable in your case. Please correspond with them directly regarding immigration issues. Please do inform us when you do not hear from them 2,5 months before the beginning of your studies. If you already have a residence permit, please contact Immigration Desk directly asking them if you need to do anything about immigration.
Practical preparations: The International Office can advise you on everything, and more! Check out their website for information on, for example, your financial situationtravelling to Rotterdamorientation activities, housing or insurance. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have questions:​​ ​​
Timetables: Information on the timetables is available in the Course Guide around the end of July. Enter the name of your course and check the timetable on the right-hand side. 
Check the status of your enrolment application regularly: You are NOT enrolled in case your status in Studielink has not changed from 'Application Submitted' to ''Enrolled".
Enrolment should be completed before 31 August. Check your status regularly and the detail page of your enrolment application in Studielink and keep watch for any announcements of EUR
Student card and statement of registration:  You are enrolled once your status in Studielink is changed from 'Application submitted' to ''Enrolled''. After your status has changed into 'Enrolled' you will receive your student card and statement of registration by mail. We will send this to the Dutch mail address you have filled out in Studielink. In case you have an international mail address, you will receive the student card and statement of registration our office.

Postponing your admission

The letter of admission you receive from us is valid for one year. In case you wish to start our master programme one year later, we will be happy to postpone your admission – but only once. You only need to re-apply next academic year and add the scan of the offer of admission you received (the email with the offer of admission). 

If you decide to re-apply for another year we can assure you, that you won't be competing with other applicants. You have already been admitted to our programme, therefore admission will be granted to you again if you decide to re-apply.